Final 2002 Elite Ranking as of 06Dec02
Elite Men's Jump Elite Men's Slalom Elite Men's Tricks
1. Freddy Krueger USA 1. Chris Parrish USA 1. Nicolas Leforestier FRA
Elite Women's Jump Elite Women's Slalom Elite Women's Tricks
1. Emma Sheers AUS 1. Karen Truelove USA 1. Elena Milakova RUS

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Current Ranking

Men Slalom
Men Tricks
Men Jump
Women Slalom
Women Tricks
Women Jump

Tournaments Used 2002

  1. Moomba 2002 3-10-02 MS,WS,MT,WT,MJ,WJ
  2. MasterCraft Pro Tour 5-5-02 MS,WS,MJ
  3. Masters 5-25-02 MS,WS,MT,WT
  4. Minneapolis Cash Prize 6-20-02 MS,WS
  5. Jilin Pro Jump 6-29-02 MJ,WJ
  6. French Masters 7-7-02 MS,WS,MJ,WJ
  7. Malibu Open 7-21-02 MS,WS,MJ,WJ,MT,WT
  8. US Open 8-18-02 MS,WS,MJ,WJ,MT,WT
  9. Danish Open 8-25-02 MJ,WJ
  10. Princes Pro Am 8-25-02 MS
  11. Asian Australiasian Championships 9-13-02 MS,WS,MJ,WJ,MT,WT
    Womens Results, Mens Results
  12. EAME Championships 9-21-02 MS,WS,MJ,WJ,MT,WT
  13. Pan Am Championships 11-25-02 MS,WS,MJ,WJ,MT,WT

Current Schedule of Elite Ranking Qualified Tournaments

Tournament Points by Event

Elite Ranking News and Analysis

06Dec02 Final Rankings posted
29Sep02 Karen Truelove USA takes over the top spot in slalom after a season of hard work.
Elena Milakova RUS regains the #1 spot in tricks after winning that event at the EAME Championships.
Emma Sheers AUS uses her win of the AA Championships to power her way to the top in jumping.
The Men's leaders remain the same, Krueger USA in Jump, Parrish USA in slalom, and Leforestier FRA in tricks.
There is only one Ranking tournament left, the Pan American Championships in Chile at the end of November.
Please note that the full field from the EAME and AA Championships was not entered. SKiers were only entered if there was a chance of affecting the top 20 since this is the end of the ranking year.
27Aug02 Freddy Krueger is back on top of the jump list even though both he and Jaret Llwewllyn were not at the Danish Masters which was won by Scot Ellis.
The Minneapolis Cash Prize tournament has been included by separating the men and women into two events.
19Aug02 The US Open saw Regina Jaquess win and take over the number 1 spot in women tricks.
23Jul02 After the Malibu Open, the top spots remain unchanged
There is a very tight race for Men Jump with Freddy Krueger almost overtaking Jaret Llewellyn who did not ski at the Malibu Open. Chris Parrish remains number one despite Andy Mapple's tie-breaking win.
07Jul02 The rankings have been updated after the French Masters
Chris Parrish USA moves into the top slalom ranking. Ironically enough, neither Andy Mapple nor Chris was at the French Masters, but the update ended up in expiring tournaments more than a year old which allowed Chris to take the lead with his better recent results.
The other top spots are unchanged.
At this point it is unclear if a Ranking Qualified Tricks event was held.
04Jul02 The Rankings have been updated after the Jilin Pro Jump
The top spots remain unchanged.
30May02 The Rankings have been updated after the Masters.
While the top spots haven't changed, the men's slalom race has tightened up considerably with Chris Parrish charging hard and threatening to topple Andy Mapple's iron grip on the number 1 spot.

Ranking Study and Current Full Information Spreadsheet

Men Slalom (475K)
Men Tricks (249K)
Men Jump (257K)
Women Slalom (372K)
Women Tricks (248K)
Women Jump (228K)
  1. Not all placements of all skiers were entered in the study for 2001 due to time constraints.
  2. All skiers with results that impacted the study were entered.
  3. Not all places are shown

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