10-11 October 1998



IOC Headquarters

Lausanne, Switzerland





    Andres Botero

    Secretary General

    Graziano Tognala


    Aubrey Sheena

    Liaison Officer

    Depy Papadimitriou

    Pan Am Region

    Vern Oberg


    Jorge Renosto


    Jeffrey Armstrong

    EAME Region

    Kuno Ritschard


    Stefan Rauchenwald


    Sid Adriaensen

    Asian Australasian Region

    Max Kirwan


    Ron Ferguson


    Chris Howarth

    Council Chairman


    Graeme Dwyer



    Jim Grew



    Glen Coles (apologised)



    Robert Corson

    Commission Chairperson

    Athletes Wakeboard

    Helena Kjellander

    Nikki Lee





      President Andres Botero welcomed all members and thanked them for coming to Lausanne. He introduced the new members taking part for the first time in the Executive Board meeting. Graziano Tognala, Secretary General; Depy Papadimitriou who takes care of the liaison with the Greek N.O.C. and O.O.C.; Sid Adriaensen, Secretary General of the EAME Region; Chris Howarth, Secretary General of the Asian Australiasian Region and Nikki Lee, wakeboard chairperson.

        From Glen Coles who has to attend a meeting with the Australian Minister of Sport, in his role as Honorary Advisor for Water Sport to the State Government of Western Australia.


        Approved unanimously.






        Andres Botero spoke about the Bureau decisions:



        Aubrey Sheena presented the report saying the accounts were incomplete because information was lacking due to a breakdown in the post from Andres Botero to Aubrey Sheena. The final version has to be sent by Aubrey Sheena to the Executive Board as soon as possible, including the budget for 1999-2000.

        In reply to a question from Max Kirwan, Aubrey Sheena advised that money from the Olympic Fund raising were in a separate bank account. The EB confirmed these funds must be kept separate.

        The treasurer must urgently submit an informative prospect on the Olympic funds (income and expenditure) to the Bureau.

        A report will be submitted to distribute to the Federations from the Secretary General.


        The auditors report will be circulated with the accounts once the audit has been carried out.


        Attached. (Botero report.rtf)


        Attached. (SGreport.rtf)

        Graziano Tognala submitted four files. He asked in particularly for an urgent reply from the Presidents of the Regions on the following items:

        Correct information is needed for the dossier to present at the IOC.

        Graziano Tognala invited the members once more to assist on the Olympic project, especially the two current campaigns:

        Helena Kjellander proposed that once the national Federations get more funding from being part of their National Olympic Committee they should give a percentage to the IWSF. Andres Botero said this is difficult because funds are given for special programs.


        At this point there was an interruption for the visit of Gilbert Felli, Sports Director for the international Federation. He made some interesting remarks.

        10. OLYMPIC UPDATE AND 2004

        It is widely known that the Greek National Olympic Committee has recommended Waterskiing as A new sport for the Olympics 2004.

        IOC headquarters is awaiting the letter from the Hellenic Organising Committee with the request to make Waterskiing an Olympic sport. A decision will be taken in December or in March and if approved will be ratified by the June Congress in Korea.

        Helena Kjellander asked if the Hellenic Organising Committee had yet made a decision about the disciplines. Andres Botero advised that a proposal or choice on the disciplines will be taken by the Hellenic Organising Committee in agreement with the Greek Federation and the IOC.

        The fund raising campaign has started. Though the decision will not be made before December ‘98 or March or even June ‘99 it is important to keep on trying to raise more funds to support us. New letters will be sent out for a second wave to gain more funds.

        Graziano Tognala added that new ideas on how to gather money are welcome. Maybe we could issue a coin of IWSF to be sold.

        Aubrey Sheena said if the IOC does not decide in December our promotion must continue and more money will be needed.

        Helena Kjellander proposed a report to be issued with the fund raising budget (in/out balance).

        Aubrey Sheena said nothing had yet been received through important Federations like France or Italy. Graziano Tognala will contact directly the French and Italian Presidents. Kuno Ritschard added that some personalities and primary industries in EAME should also be contacted directly.

        Andres Botero asked Aubrey Sheena to prepare a report on the income and expenditures to distribute, as soon as he gets the last information from Tony Baggiano and Steve Mc Dermeitt who are doing the fund raising in the USA. A draft is expected urgently by the Bureau.

        Graziano Tognala asked all EB-members to urge the Presidents of the Federations to exploit their social relations and contact VIPs in order to gather donations for the Olympic Project. Andres Botero will send another circular letter in this sense to the Presidents of all Federations and personally to all VIP that will be notified to him by EB-members or Federation Presidents.



        The EB recorded special thanks to Depy Papadimitriou, all at the Hellenic Federation and their many helpers for their efforts and achievements with the Hellenic Olympic Committee towards our Olympic dream. The Co-option of Depy Papadimitriou to the EB was confirmed.


        Many efforts have been made, a lot of work still needs to be done on the World Cup. Andres Botero also wanted to stress the big effort made by Cafe de Colombia as sponsor for the event. Andres Botero invited Bob Corson to report on the World Cup. We need for instance more stops in Europe. Andres Botero added we should give most support to the World Cup that is probably our most important event. Helena Kjellander said we have to concentrate on the present and not on the future: there is lack of money now.

        Andres Botero said that more information should be included in the bids so that Federations know more exactly what to expect and what to do.

        Andres Botero also said we should identify a new logo for the World Cup.

        Graziano Tognala asked if Federations still have obligations towards the Region. Bob Corson answered that the obligations are the same as for any other normal competition.

        Graziano Tognala said that some Federations do not agree to pay money to the Region and this should be clarified.

        Andres Botero advised that the World Cup is not a Regional event but a world one and so it should be treated as such. Graziano Tognala accepted this point of view. However, he maintained that it should be made clear beforehand how an event has to be organised.

        Graziano Tognala asked Bob Corson to put a new IWSF World Cup Policy in writing so that it can be evaluated and a decision can be taken. Bob Corson’s proposal IS as follows:

        The World Cup is an IWSF event. All rights to the World Cup are owned by the IWSF. However, during the interim period while the World Cup is being developed, each tournament will be under the administrative control of the Region where it is held.

        IWSF EB RECOMMENDS that the Regions and national federations waive all sanction fees and cash prize charges to help promote the development of the World Cup.

        Graziano Tognala, supported by Vern Oberg, moved a motion to approve this proposal as the new IWSF World Cup Policy.

        Approved unanimously.



        The need for a new constitution has increased. Outside the IWSF constitution is considered obsolete.

        Andres Botero proposed that all EB-Members should review the constitution and make proposals about the necessary changes. The Rowing Federation and the Snow Skiing could be an example. All comments should be addressed to Andres Botero and after comparison a new draft will be discussed in the next EB. Kuno Ritschard proposed that a second draft should be sent to the Presidents of the Regions first. Aubrey Sheena said that the review should be done by as few people as possible and to a next stage be reviewed in larger groups.

        The following schedule is proposed by Andres Botero:




        All ideas to Andres Botero


        Ideas presented again to EB


        Notifications to Andres Botero


        Final draft


        Deadline for replies to Andres Botero


        Final postal ballot, 3 days allowed for reply


        Sent back to Andres Botero

        Much and lengthy discussion took place on points in the drafts and on the necessity for change. Reference was made to the EB discussions and guidelines from earlier Board meetings in 1995 & 1996 and the following extracts from those meetings were read out:

        The guideline approved by the EB board in 95 and 96 reads as follows:

        EB minutes of September 9th, 1995.

        "13. Constitutional Review Committee

        A Botero put A motion supported by A Sheena, K Ritschard, S Rauchenwald and H Moreno about guidelines to be given to the committee. Principles were agreed as hereafter:

        -The Bureau and the Executive Board must be elected by the Congress for a four year period.

        -National Federations must be affiliated directly to the IWSF.

        -More Regions must be considered.

        -All the changes must be approved on behalf our constitution for the year 2001.

        The complete guidelines will be circulated by the President into the EB before going to the Constitutional Review Committee. Agreed.

        The National Federations voting powers must include all the disabled World events. The wording must be done in accordance of the statutes and the change must be approved during the 1997 Congress. Accepted."

        EB Minutes of September 4th, 1996.

        "10. Constitutional review (13).

        A. Botero reminded the meeting that, many years ago, the Executive Board had talked about reviewing the constitution. A commission was set up, chaired by B. Barlow Jr. but, because of the Olympics,

        the Executive Board stopped the process. A meeting of the Constitutional Review Committee is planned on Friday 6th. C. Amade-Escot thinks that we are at a turning point. She considers that our constitution is now a curb to our development. Each Region works for itself, and her feeling is that a regional point of view determines the votes in the Executive Board more than the overall interest of waterskiing does. She remarked that we talk about a new constitution at every Executive Board meeting and never act on it. The constitutional Review Committee has never met in the past five years.

        After discussion, the Executive Board considered the revision of our constitution to be accepted. The Executive Board INSTRUCTED the Constitutional Review Committee to work on it with the recommendations of the Executive Board noted in the 1995 Executive Board Minutes (see item 13, page 3 of these minutes)

        The Executive Board asked for a quarterly update from the Constitutional Review Committee.

        Action: A. Sheena, member of the Constitutional Review Committee is in charge of the quarterly update report."

        Kuno Ritschard agrees with the guidelines but remarks that the financial side has been ignored. One aim is to run all Federations by a central office. Final proposal was to go back and read guidelines and see what will be decided as a first step at least. It was agreed that proposals should be sent for evaluation.

        Aubrey Sheena and Andres Botero asked to have a copy of all Regional constitutions to evaluate all sides. Helena Kjellander asked if the whole problem rotates around the real role of IWSF versus the Regions. Vern Oberg said the only way to have the IWSF work on international level should be to have an IWSF Council, staff and office with an executive director and all facilities to do it.


        14. VISITORS

        Andres Botero welcomed Mr. Bertamini and Mr. Nicolò San Germano, Visitors at the EB-meeting.

        Mr. Bertamini, President of the Chiropractic Federation

        Mr. Bertamini gave a resume of his career. He was President of the Italian Chiropractic Association and then created with others an International Chiropractic Federation. Bertamini got closer to Waterskiing only a short time ago after having met Graziano Tognala and later the Italian President Roby Zucchi with whom an agreement was made to provide chiropractic assistance to the athletes. He then met Kuno Ritschard at the European Championship with whom he reached the same agreement and discussed the possibility to enlarge this to the entire IWSF. The reason of the visit is to promote a co-operation. He handed out a brochure describing their organisation. The chiropractic Federation expectx to become part of the Olympic commission, probably in Sydney .

        Helena Kjellander was only concerned about the additional cost for airfare and so on, to send chiropractic doctors in addition to other medical staff to competitions. She was however in favour of having chiropractors on site and using local doctors. Jim Grew added there is no advantage in involving this association by paying before they have proved themselves at their cost.

        When Mr. Bertamini has left the EB noted his proposal as positive for sport. The Secretary General is charged with the task to suggest Bertamini to start contacting directly the Federations through the co-ordination of the Regional Presidents.

        NICOLO SAN GERMANO, Formula 1, representative of Abu Dhabi Acqua Gulf

        Promoter of formula 1 power boating. The idea was to combine power boating with water-skiing. The original idea BEGAN one year ago during an initial meeting in Mexico of Mr. San Germano and President Botero. An opportunity will arise on 2nd December in the United Arab Emirates where THAT government is hosting power boating and Waterskiing. In December jumpers will be invited and there will be TV coverage. Acqua Gulf will be organised for the first time in the Middle East and it is not only a boat show but covers everything related to water activities. The ten nations with the best jumpers in the ranking list will be invited: Australia, Canada, America, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, GB, New Zealand and Denmark. Prize money will be 18.400 US$. The organisation will take care of these ten athletes. More skiers are welcome but at their own expense. A stand will be available free of charge for IWSF to promote Waterskiing.

        Graziano Tognala asked Kuno Ritschard to be given panels with photographs to show in the stand. He himself will bring the videotapes to be shown during the event.

        Two judges with Boettcher system and a driver will be invited. The event will not be homologated and officially judged for this first time. Priority is so far to present a very good TV event. Graziano Tognala added that for the future, if this test results are satisfactory there can be a little World Cup for jump or fly jump (3/4 stops),

        in combination with the stops of the formula 1 circuit. However the stops should not interfere with the approved calendar of World Cup competitions.

        A race will also take place in November 1999 in Hong Kong and Korea.

        It will be Graziano Tognala’s task to invite the ten athletes and to assure that the competition can take place regularly while providing people and facilities. Graziano Tognala will also be in contact with the Italian Federation (FISN) that hopefully provides free of charge boats, ramp, judges and drivers. The sending of the material is scheduled for November 1st.


        15. HALL OF FAME

        Bill Barlow Jr. said he would continue with the Hall of Fame task. Andres Botero will check to see if it is necessary to elect new members. Aubrey Sheena said there is a set formula to renew voting members (every six years a voting member should be changed).

        Ricardo Villegas from Colombia has been proposed to replace Rene Daumas.

        Andres Botero invited everyone to propose any other ideas, for the Hall of Fame.



        Graziano Tognala is waiting to issue a Newsletter but does not have time at present. Jim Grew proposed that the first bulletin should start celebrating the entrance of waterskiing in the Olympic Games.



        President Botero introduced Des Kennedy as the new Media and Press chairman. Des Kennedy talked about the Whitbread project which he worked for. This kind of project takes five years of preparation. He introduced his program (a copy circulated).

        Helena Kjellander said we should start with an approach from now on even before the Olympics.

        Vern Oberg proposed these could be used as a trial at the Panam Games and could help promote waterskiing for the Games. Des Kennedy said he would not be fully available till next summer but could start some work now. Helena Kjellander suggested the press and media program include the World Cup.

        Andres Botero proposed to the EB that Des Kennedy should start right now as new press and media chairman. Des has to prepare a first outlay of the expenditure to send to the Bureau. He also proposed that the Secretary General would be responsible for the work of the press and media chairman. Approved.



        Andres Botero thanked the Secretary General who, with the contribution of the EB members has succeeded, for the first time, to distribute the reports beforehand so that everyone was able to read them and file a request to alter any of them.

        Report of Asia Australasia: (Attached AAprerep.rtf)

        Pan-Am Report: (Attached PAprerep.rtf)

        EAME Report: (Attached EAME prre.rtf)


        Tournament Council Report: (Attached TC reprt.rtf)

        Racing Council Report: (Attached RC report.rtf)




        Barefoot Council report: (Attached BC report.rtf)

        Graeme Dwyer recommended to introduce the name "World Barefoot Senior CHAMPIONSHIPS". This was followed by much discussion and varied views on the use of the word.

        The following motion was proposed by Vern Oberg and supported by Jeffrey Armstrong.

        Each council be allowed to choose the title for their world event as long as they meet the IWSF participatory requirement.

        Approved on the President casting vote after 5 each in favour and against.

        Further approved:

        sanction fee for all World Senior CHAMPIONSHIPS: 10.000 SFR plus the cost of the medal.


        A bid for a World Barefoot Senior Championship for 1999 to take place together with the Junior 1999 and another bid for a World Barefoot Championship 2000 was presented by Graeme Dwyer to the Executive Board.

        Disabled Council Report: (Attached DC report.rtf)

        Athletes Commission Report: (Attached AC report.rtf)

        Cable Commission Report: (Attached CabC repo.rtf)

        Wakeboard Commission Report: (Attached WC report.rtf)

        Environment Subcommittee Report: (Attached Envi Rep report.rtf - EnvComre.rtf)

        Medical Subcommittee Report: (Attached MC report.rtf)

        World Cup Subcommittee Report: (Attached WCUP prepo.rtf)



        Andres Botero asked for an index page to be added. He believed the protocol must be seriously followed for presentations and public events to show a professional approach.

        The Letter of Agreement and Obligations must have as first pages a summary of the most important subjects that must be taken into consideration by the organiser. Aubrey Sheena will make this summary for the title events and Bob Corson will take care of the Letter of Agreement and Obligations for the World Cup.


        Andres Botero welcomed Nikki Lee and expressed how important wakeboard is for our sport. Nikki Lee is an official with the World Wakeboard Association, which developed the sport around the world. The 15 countries represented were asked to continue the promotion under the umbrella of IWSF. Some problems arose as guidelines are different for IWSF and WWA. Jim Grew said wakeboard should continue to run their tournaments as they have already been set and have autonomy on promoting the sport under the umbrella of IWSF. In that case WWA would become a commission of IWSF. One problem in this case would be how to design or replace representatives, IWSF and WWA-rules being contradictory. Kuno Ritschard agreed that a deal with wakeboard has to be made and pointed out that the biggest difference is that WWA members are athletes who do not deal with Federations directly.

        WWA now has national qualification requirements to participate in competitions. Their income is from sponsorship.

        Nikki Lee asked which way was to be followed by WWA to enter Federations and/or IWSF. Max Kirwan said in the AA Region wakeboard is perfectly integrated like other disciplines. Andres Botero asked for proposals on the way to proceed. Kuno Ritschard said he sees one way only and that should be working with the Federations and adding a board free from the Regions as it already exists for the other disciplines.

        Jeffrey Armstrong proposed to accept WWA as belonging to IWSF under an education process of two years to give them the time to set up. A committee for wakeboard under control of the Federations already exists in Europe while there is not such a strong independent organisation as WWA, although they organise World Cup Stops in Europe which are out of control of the Region EAME. The decision was taken to recognise WWA as a body IWSF is going to negotiate with as proposed in the following motion by Vern Oberg and supported by Jeffrey Armstrong:

        Move to recognise WWA the governing body of wakeboarding subject to conformance with the constitution and by-laws of the IWSF.


        Nikki Lee said in USA and Australia things are already moving in this direction creating a co-operation with the IWSF Federations.

        An official proposal, to be confirmed by the 99 Congress, was made to change the Wakeboard World Commission into a Wakeboard World Council.



        Aubrey Sheena circulated draft for the treasurer’s terms of reference by email on the 20th of September.

        Motion moved by Max Kirwan and seconded by Vern Oberg:

        The terms of reference for the treasure be held in abeyance until the new constitution is instituted.




        Andres Botero proposed leaving discussion on the draft policy until the IOC had their meeting. The IOC will have a meeting in December and a Congress in February ’99. Anyhow for now the anti-doping policy draft number three from Ross is approved as it is and comes into force immediately. It will be circulated to all Federations by the Secretary General.



        Attached : (IWSF World event to 2004)



        Bob Corson proposed it previously and Bruce Neville was the recipient.

        Andres Botero invited nominations for some other names and recommended also to propose outstanding officials or other merits. Not to be given regularly but only on special occasions. Helena Kjellander proposed that it should be brought back to athletes. Decision was taken to leave it to EB under opinions of athletes as well.

        Aubrey Sheena advised Jack Ellison had been made the Jewish Sportsman of the Year in Australia. The award recognised his efforts in saving people after the accident at the Maccabiah Games as well as his medals. Andres Botero proposed also honorary awards


        28. SKI FLYING

        Andres Botero stated that competitions to develop new disciplines are welcome, though it would be premature to consider this competition as an official IWSF competition. They need more development.

        Bob Corson reported that rules are not set nor clear yet. Last year’s decision was that ski flying should not count for points while the desire is there to make it count for points. Organisers expressed strong feelings that ski flying should be included as a competition for the World Cup. Bob Corson suggested that the possibility for a compromise should be evaluated. A suggestion was to give points that would not count into the ranking list. Stefan Rauchenwald said his Region feels the speciality is not yet ready and therefore should be left out and considered as a demonstration only. for discussion with the tournament council.



        To be handed out at a final event chosen: it was decided for the skier with the highest percentage of points at World Cup events, i.e. Andy Mapple. The trophy was assigned in Milan 1998.


        30. AGREEMENTS WITH: CAFE DE COLOMBIA 2000, IMG (See also items 7, 12 and 14 of these minutes)

        Andres Botero confirms that the agreement with Cafe de Colombia lasts until 2000 for the sponsoring of the World Cup, but he invites IMG to start negotiations with other sponsors.


        31. EB MEETING AND CONGRESS 1999

        EB Meeting will be Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th September 1999 in Milan. Congress Meeting will be held Thursday 16th in Novotel Milano starting 14:00 Cet. The Secretary General will set up a detailed program for the EB.


        32. BUDGET

        Aubrey Sheena presented budgets for each of the years ended 31 March 1999 & 2000 hand writing. This was approved.

        END OF THE MEETING: 17:45