Ski-Racing is progressing well in most parts of the World, with few exceptions.

The IWSF Racing Council has just completed a Meeting in the USA, this was

held Jim conjunction with the anniversary of the 50th annual Catalina Island & Return Ski Race.

It was a great atmosphere for a meeting. The Rating Council & over a thousand Ski racers all lived & celebrated on the "Queen Mary", There were all the previous (living) Catalina winners, from 1948 at the presentation. The Racing Council Meeting had representative from all Regions in attendance, I can say that we are in accord on most subject.

The Minutes of this meeting have bean mailed out this week.

Australia was the venue for the 1998 IWSF Racing Worlds, & World class Racing was seen by all. This event was run On a very small budget, as Australia stepped in to save the event, after South Africa were unable to proceed. This did not affect the quality of the competition. Well done Australia.

Leanne Brown became the first to win three Racing World Championships in a row. We do not have a "Bid" as yet, for the 1999 Racing Worlds, both USA & Spain am working hard on this project.

Serious injuries have not been a maior problem of late, perhaps the enforcement & control of Equipment is helping.

All around the World there am Ski Races taking place, that do not fully, comply with our IWSF Rules. The racing Council still assists these events in every way, as they are after all Ski Racing, & with our help racing safely. The Catalina (Ocean) race allows up to 39ft (1 1.8m) Race boats (IWSF 6.5m). The Australian Bridge to Bridge Race, does not comply in all ways. South Africa allows 26ft (gm) Rate ,Coats in their Ocean Races,

There are many more examples I could quote, but by advising on safety & helping we are keeping these Racers under the IWSF banner. Many of these Racer also compete in National & World Championships where the IWSF Racing Rules are applied in full.

On behalf of my Council I would like to commend the effort being put into the

Olympic Dream, congratulations. We certainly have a hard working President &

Secretary General

At the recent Asian Australian region Congress, a great honour was given

to myself & Pat Cooper, the Racing Council Secretary General, we were admitted to the Region's hall of Fame. Perhaps it is time for the other Regions to look a little further. than "Classic" for out, past heroes. They were, after all, racing across the English Channel in 1933, the Catalina Ski Rate has been held continuously for 50 years & the Lake Mead Annual Classic Race is 52 years old-


Glens Coles