September, 1998

The World Championship in Sydney, Australia oil 22-26 April 1998, were Again held Liverpool - the same venue as in 1994. This site gives Competitors excellent water conditions and high scores resulted, having attended all of the world championship, I find this site stands out as the best site for- water. condition in the World. Unfortunately, the weather, was unkind in the early days with continuous light rain making things very difficult for skier and officials. However, as the we c progressed the weather, improves] and the semi finals and finals were held iii deal weather conditions.

The team events was again won narrowly by, United States from Australia - a

margin of 20 points from a possible total of 9000. Individuals winners were.-

Ron Scarpa USA Men Overall and Sharon Dodgson Australia Women Overall.

Event medal winners were:

Men Slalom Keith St Onge USA.- Brett Sand,, Australia; Ken Derry Australia.

Women Slalom Nadine De. Villiers RSA, Christine Winslcw USA; Sharon Dodgson Australia.

Men tricks Ron Scarpa USA, Patrick Wehner France, Lane Bowers USA

Women Tricks Sharon Dodgson Australia from Nadine de Villiers RSA and Christine Winslow USA

Men Jump Evan Berger RSA from Brett New Australia and Peter Fleek USA

Women Jump Nadine de Villiers RSA from Sharon Dodgson Australia and Christine Winslow USA

The Men Tricks long standing record was broken by Ron Scarpa and ratified at 7060 points.

The Women Slalom record was ratified for Sharon Dodgson at 16,5 points.

For the very first time at these World Championships we had a giant screen with live video from the boat to shore. This enabled the public to see the skiing very clearly as it took place. It was a Great innovation and is certainly going to help promote barefooting in the future.








'The video system for, judging jump distance was successfully and has

now become a requirement for organiser wishing to run record capability tournaments. No further records will be recognised with the old Johnson meter System.

The American Barefoot Division successfully sought the, WBC approval to seek the IWSF sanctioning for the Junior World Barefoot Championship in Houston, Texas in 1999. AIso the WBC received and agreed to a request to support an application to IWSF to jointly run a Seniors (over- 35) World Championship in conjunction with the Juniors. This concept was received with enthusiasm by all Federation and we believe it will be, well supported. We trust the IWSF will endorse. and encourage this move to retain interest and competitors in Barefoot.

World Games, Akita-Japan 2001.

I, along with all members of the WBC., see., these. games in Akita as an ideal vehicle to promote Barefoot Waterskiing in Asia

I have, discussed this with Japanese delegates to the Asian-Australasian region Congress,--, and Max Kirwan. I have volunteered to travel to Japan to Promote and discuss the site, and tournament requirements. I see this item as of paramount importance, and Something that needs to be undertaken now, rather than later.

I must congratulate Andreas, Graziano and all who are pushing for. inclusion in the Olympic games. Their tireless efforts hopefully will be rewarded this time.,

I must say how disappointing it was to receive those negative e-mails some of the World Executive regarding Patrick Wehner being included in the demonstration in Seville and his subsequent omission from the display .

Some of the views put forward bordered on hysteria and demonstrated to all bareffoters just how irrelevant some people believe Barefooting really is.

To me this attitude shows a fundamental lack of clear thinking. How, Having a Barefoot component in Seville would jeopardise the whole thrust of the push to the Olympics as one member claimed, defies all logic,

It also demonstrates ,that some people still do not comprehend that Water Skiing will be stronger, not weaker, by the inclusion of more rather than fewer disciplines

In conclusion I would like again to commend and thank Andres for his far sighted support in this matter and for his attendance at the World Championship in Sydney.

It was greatly appreciated by all Barefooters.

Graeme Dwyer