IWWF Ranking List October 2020 now available

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Bob Corson, Chairman IWWF Ranking

The Waterski Council decided that because of the effects of the global pandemic which meant that many skiers did not have the opportunity to record scores and that the total number of scores was greatly reduced, that the 2020 Rankings would be a combination of the 2019 rankings and the 2020 rankings. One important decision is that skiers would at least retain their 2019 ranking position in the 2020 rankings. The effect of this is that the actual ranking number assigned may not be in sequential order but nevertheless that is the official ranking.

specific combination process
1. for each division, each skier collect 2019 and 2020 ranking data and placement
2. extract the better performance from 2019 and 2020 data only lists but retain the 2019 placement
3. List performances in order for each division and assign ranking as either the sequential placement number or the 2019 ranking whichever is higher

Note: The format has been changed to order the list by rank rather than performance (2/16/21)


What to do if you think there is a problem

  1. Check the list of all skiers to see if you are there
  2. Verify your performances by clicking on your name
  3. Look at the list of tournaments for the ones that you were in and check if it is correct
  4. Look at the list of known problems to see if your issue is being addressed
  5. If there is still a problem - Contact me at the address above