The History of Rule 3.03

Sunday, November 16, 2008
Posted by Web Master

The Rule was born from the very first Meeting on International Ski Racing held in Sydney, Australia in 1978.There were representatives from Italy, UK, Australia in attendance. The “Ground Rules” for what was to be the first World Racing Championship was the main agenda.
Among the Rules was the composition of Teams There was a discussion on allowing “Open Entries” to our first World Championship. The Meeting decided that Teams should be nominated by & should represent their Federations. What we now call Rule 3.03 was adopted at this time. It was based on a Rule in the Australian Racing Rules, for the make up of State Teams that wanted to compete for points at the Australian Ski Racing nationals. This Rule was a part of the “Requirements to Compete” that were issued prior to the first World Racing Championships held in 1979 in the UK.
It didn’t appear in the first printed World Racing Rules, 1980. But was in subsequent Rule Books. 
This Rule has been on the Agenda at 6 Racing Council Meetings since, without any real change.
In 1999 we decided that we would make policy to allow Federations that were competing for the first time to have a non complying Team makeup. It has always been the Racing Council’s policy to look at any request for a variance of Rule 3.03 on its merits. This has been followed by a vote of Council Members. Any appeal must have substance & be presented to the IWSF Racing Council by the Competitor’s National Federation.