Agenda for the Pan Am Congress, November 15th, Santiago Chile

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Posted by Jeffry

November 15, 2018


For the Congress of the Pan Am Confederation

Opening of the Congress by Chile Waterski Federation

1.      Attendance Records  (Sec. Gen)

2.      Allocation of Votes by Federation (Sec. Gen.)

3.      Approval of the Agenda

4.      Approval of the Minutes from the Congress in Mexico, 2016

5.      Report of the President

6.      Report of the Secretary General

7.      Reports from the Councils  (by written report)

8.      Financial Report

9.      Report from Multi Sport Games (Vice-Pres.)

10.  Report on New Federations   (Vice-Pres.)

11.  Report from the Executive Board

a.       Ratification of decisions by e-mail

b.      Ratification of decisions by Executive Board

c.       Discussion of Subscription Fees and possible formation of a Task Force Committee

12.  Changes to the Statutes

13.  Appointment of Treasurer of Pan Am (if Statute changes are passed)

14.  Report on Hall of Fame Selection

15.  Requests for Bids to Organize the 2020 Pan Am Championships

16.  AOB  (any other business)  (can only be brought to the floor if by unanimous vote of Feds)


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