International Water Ski Federation Hall of Fame


Wm. P. Barlow, Jr., Non-voting Chairman
George Athans, Canada
Elaine Borter, Switzerland
Richard Eu, Singapore
Ian Faulkner, Australia
Ron Fergusson, Australia
Carole Lowe, USA
Gunther Ludwig, Germany
Peter Pearl, Great Britain
Jorge Renosto, Argentina

Selection Process

Hall of Fame

Selection for the Hall of Fame requires the affirmative vote of at least six of the nine members of the Selection Committee. A maximum of five individuals can be elected in each two-year period.

For a skier to be eligible for consideration he must have competed in at least two World Championships and must have been retired from Open competition for at least two additional World Championships. The primary considerations in voting for a skier is his skiing record in the World Championships, World records set, sportsmanship, character and integrity.

Officials are selected primarily based on significant contributions to water skiing at the international level over a period of at least 15 years. Officials need not be retired from the sport to be recognized.

Order of Merit

The Order of Merit is awarded at the discretion of the Executive Board of the International Water Ski Federation to individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the sport of water skiing which do not fall within the guidelines for the Hall of Fame. This is the first year in which the Order of Merit has been awarded.

Elected to the Hall of Fame in 2003

Selection ceremony announcements made at the AWSEF Hall of Fame special opening of the IWSF Section held in Polk City, Fl, USA on September 18, 2003 by Wm. P. Barlow, Jr., Chairman

Bob Corson, United States. Chairman of the IWSF Technical Committee for 22 of the 25 years he has served. He has been closely identified with the development and introduction of such innovations as boat speed control devices and electronic jump metering. He developed and maintains the World Standings List and the IWSF web site.

Sylvie Maurial, France. A member of the French water ski team in four World Championships, winning in 1973 the gold medal in slalom; other World Championship medals included four silver and two bronze. In the 1972 demonstration she was the Olympic Jump champion and won a bronze medal in tricks. Following retirement she has served for over a decade on the board of the French Federation as an active judge.

Ricky McCormick, United States. A member of the United States water ski team six times, winning gold medals in tricks in 1971 and jumping in 1973. His other World medals included four silver and three bronze. In the 1972 Olympic Games demonstration, he won gold in both tricks and jumping, an achievement that he regards as the highlight of his skiing career.

Jeannette Stewart-Wood, Great Britain. A member of the British water ski team for the World Championships three times, including the 1967 tournament in Sherbrooke, Canada, where she became both World Jumping and Overall Champion. In 1965 she won the silver medal in the jumping event. She dominated the women's division in Europe for over a decade.

Glenn Thurlow, Australia. A member of the Australian team in eight World Championships from 1973 to 1987. During that period he won four silver and two bronze medals in the jumping event. He made his mark in history when he became the first skier to break the 200-foot distance in jumping, setting a World record in 1983 of 61.57m or 202 feet.

Awarded the Order of Merit

George Blair,United States.An indefatigable barefoot skier who has traveled the world publicizing the sport of water skiing. His achievements have exploded the myth that water skiing is for the young and have provided inspiration for thousands of water skiers, young and old.

Ralph Meloon,United States. The patriarch of the Correct Craft family, who has long served as the company's goodwill ambassador for water skiing. His personal efforts and the support of the company he has represented have contributed significantly to the progress of the sport throughout the world.



André Coutau SUI
Willa Worthington McGuire USA
Alfredo Mendoza MEX


Elizabeth Allan USA
William P. Barlow USA
Franco Carraro ITA
Marina Doria SUI
Jean Muller FRA


George Athans CAN
Alan Clark AUS
William D. Clifford USA
Mike Hazelwood GBR
Mike Suyderhoud USA


Ivan Cantacuzene SUI
Carlos Suarez VEN
Cindy Todd USA
Roby Zucchi ITA

Golden Anniversary

Piera Castelvetri ITA
Bruce Cockburn AUS
Roger Codère CAN
Richard Cowell BWI
René Daumas MEX
Jean-Jacques Finsterwald SUI
Simon Khoury LEB
Betty Leighton AUS
David Nations GBR
Dick Pope, Sr. USA
Brett Wing AUS


Ana Maria Carrasco VEN
Geoff Carrington AUS
Sylvie Hulsemann SUI
Neville May AUS
Karen Neville AUS


Chantal Amade-Escot
Maria Victoria Carrasco VEN
Ian Faulkner AUS
Renate Hansluvka AUT
Chuck Stearns USA


Bruce Douglas NZE
Sammy Duvall
Franz Kirsch
Deena Mapple
Jean-Marie Muller