International Water Ski Federation Disabled Council

International Water Ski Federation Disabled Council

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The following report is by Jim Grew, Chairman of the IWSF Disabled Council. He has also included a section on new records.

1. DISABLED WATER SKI COUNCIL - 1996 Winter Report

                     World Championships

The United States' bid to host the 1997 World Disabled
Championships was accepted by the IWSF Executive Board and
Congress in France.  Location and dates are to be determined.


Since April 15, 14 world records have been set, 8 of them by
American skiers.  Six of these 8 fell to Ron Williams, FL, a
leg amputee with prosthesis and Katie Mawby, MI, partially
sighted.  Ron is the first disabled athlete to ever run buoys
on a 43'(13m) rope in a regulation slalom course and the
second to exceed 100' in jumping (5' ramp).


Rhonda Van Dyk, WSDA president, Bill Furbish, IWSF Disabled
Council Paralympic committee chair and Jim Grew, IWSF Disabled
Council Chairman met with the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing
Committee in Atlanta at the end of October.  Our request to be
accepted as an exhibition sport in the 1996 Games was denied. 
Our focus remains on achieving International Paralympic
Committee membership (IOC equivalent) and some status at
the 2000 Sydney Games.

                   Around the IWSF Regions

Pan American Region:  Efforts are on-going to encourage
participation in Canada. South of the U.S. border, there is
little activity if any.  The disabled have sufficient
difficulty simply maintaining a normal day-to-day existence.

European, Middle Eastern and African Region:  Three new
countries (Israel, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic) have
joined the fold.  Undergoing testing is a system that would
allow visually handicapped athletes to better simulate the
slalom event:  Pressure of the rope on a specially designed
device at a given angle would generate a sound indicating to
the skier when to turn.

Asian Australasian Region:  Pam Carter, IWSF Council member
from Singapore, is in the process, a difficult one at that,
of organizing a forum for disabled skiers in Taiwan in 1996,
under the auspices of the newly formed Asian Water Ski


Compiling a library of materials for the disabled water
skier, developing a list of recruitment strategies and
finalizing the tournament handbook are in process.

2.      RECORDS

  The following fourteen 1995 performances were
  approved as world records:


      Walmead Record, Milledgeville, GA, USA  July 8-9

1. Ron Williams, USA   LP    29.4m     J (1)      July 8

 1995 Nationals, Shortline Lake, Elk Grove, CA  August 18-20

2. Ron Williams, USA   LP    3 @ 13m   S (2)      August 19
3. Ron Williams, USA   LP    32.3m        J (1)       August 18
4. Ron Williams, USA   LP    32.9m        J (2)       August 20
5. Katie Mawby, USA  VHB2/3  168       WS (1)     August 18
6. Katie Mawby, USA  VHB2/3  340         T (2)       August 20
7. Katie Mawby, USA  VHB2/3  15.8m     J (2)       August 20
8. Bill Joyce, USA   VHB1    147            WS (1)      August 18

    1995 Championships, Lac Du Der, France  Aug 31-Sept 3

9 .  Tomaso Di Pilato, IT  VHB1      14.5   J (2)      Sept. 3
10. Peter Brepoels, BEL   VHB2/3 18.9   J (1)      Sept. 1
11. Peter Brepoels, BEL   VHB2/3 19.8   J (2)      Sept. 3
12. Peter Brepoels, BEL   VHB2/3 770    T (1)      August 31
13. Steve Armstrong, GB   VHB1    540    T (1)      August 31
14. Steve Armstrong, GB   VHB1    660    T (2)      Sept. 3