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2001 World Cup negotiations continue

The IWSF 2001 World Cup series is still not finalized. The IWSF is in last minute negotiations with the three European stops (French, British, and Italian Masters).
"It has been very difficult for the organizers to raise the required money since the loss of Cafe de Colombia as our major sponsor. Every one wants to have the Cup happen at a high standard but that takes sponsorship. The organizers are trying as hard as the can to come up with a satisfactory plan the IWSF can agree to" said Bob Corson, IWSF World Cup Chairman.

The US Open which is slated to be the first World Cup stop has a contractual agreement with the IWSF. However, if the other three stops can't come to an agreement well before the US Open, the entire series is in jeopardy.

The next few days are crucial for the future of the IWSF World Cup 2001. As developments happen they will be posted in

Robert Corson
World Cup Chairman
International Water Ski Federation (IWSF)

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