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2001 Tournament Open World Waterki Championships
September 10 - 16, 2001 
Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain 
On May 4-5 the IWSF Secretary General, Graziano Tognala, visited the Spanish Federation. Its President, Mr. Juan Martines, gave him the logo for the next Tournament World Waterski Championships. 
The event will be held from September 10 to 16 included at the beautiful site of Canal Olimpico in Castelldefels, a few kilometres away from Barcelona airport. 
During his visit to the Spanish Federation the Secretary General examined the site and its excellent infrastructures, as well as the hotels that have been selected to host the athletes and officilas during the games. Some of the hotels overlook the wonderful beach of Castelldefels and all of them are a few kilometres away from the site. 
The Secreatry General was accompanied by Mr. Peter Methven, director of the European division of Correct Craft.
The boat Ski Nautique, produced by Correct Craft, will be the official boat for these Championships.  
During the meeting the official Bulletin for the Worlds has been presented. The Bulletin, that contains all the important information regarding this event, will be circulated in a few days by the Spanish Federation to all the National IWSF Federations.
The Championships are not the only event taking place in Castelldefels: the IWSF Executive Board Meeting will take place on September 11-12 and the Congress will follow on the 13th.
The main point on the Agenda to be discussed is the approval of the new IWSF Statutes and the election of the new IWSF President. 
This will be an extremely busy and intense week for the IWSF; the Catalan resort of Castelldefels, with its beauty and well-known hospitality, is ready to host athletes, officials and executives for the most important skiing event of the year.

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