World Ranking List Description

The World Ranking list is the Official IWSF ranking of skiers world-wide.

All tournaments world-wide that are homologated at a Record Capability or Standings List level are included in the list. The best performance for each skier in each event from each tournament qualifies for the list. The ranking is calculated by averaging the best two performances. Only performances that are above the minimum qualifying level are taken. The qualifying levels are as follows:

There is an Open List and a Junior List. The junior list uses only skiers and performances qualifying under IWSF Junior rules. This means the year of your 17th birthday is your last year of junior qualification and only jump performances for men are used that are done at 51kmph on a 1.65m ramp maximum. Therefore, in all cases except jump, the junior list is a subset (extraction) of the senior list. In other word, the junior men slalom list is exactly the same as the open list except all skiers over 17 years of age are deleted.

The lists are calculated twice per year. The ending periods for results are October 31 and April 30. Performances within 1 year of this date are valid for inclusion. The April list is the list used for qualification to the World Championships in that year. This applies to both the regular World Championships held in odd numbered years and the World Junior Championships held in even numbered years.

Overall is calculated according to the IWSF rulebook by using the top performance in that event for the year as the base. These scores are the basis of the overall rankings. In 1997, the IWSF is examining whether to change the overall to a tournament based system. In other words, an overall score will be calculated by the above described method except only for tournaments where a score in each event above the minimum qualifying level was posted. Your score will be your best tournament.

There are some special cases. If you have only one qualifying score, it is adjusted downward to make it comparable to a two score average. Any performance that is above a World Record is not listed until it is either approved as a record, or rejected in which case it is not listed unless it is a trick score and the non-record revised value is supplied.

Bob Corson


IWSF Tournament Council