Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup 1996

Press Release

IWSF World Cup Commission Chairman Bob Corson announced that negotiations are nearly complete for the IWSF World Cup of Jumping for 1996.

So far, the IWSF has signed letters of agreement with three of the world's top touraments; the Moomba Masters, the US Open, and the Paddy Classic. Negotiations are in progress with other top tournaments with the final goal being to have a minimum of five tournaments in the 1996 World Cup.

The World Cup will be contested for 1996 at the official World Cup designated tournaments. Each tournament will have its normal prize money. At the final tournament of the season, the IWSF will distribute an additional $25,000 USD to the top finshers, male and female. In addition, at any tournament, there is a $5,000 USD bonus for breaking the World Record.

The top 10 male and female jumpers on the most recently published World Ranking List qualify for automatic entry into any World Cup tournament.

The World Cup is based on a concept document published by the IWSF in September of 1995 which is presented here for reference.

World Cup Concept Paper

The scoring for the World Cup will be the sum of the best four jumps from four of the World Cup tournaments. A World Cup points standings list will be published after each tournament to keep the press and public informed of the current status.

The schedule of events so far is as follows:

As future events are finalized, press releases will detail the agreements.