Problems reported that will be incorporated in the next publication

  1. Trick Scores missing from Florida State Championships (99S098)
  2. Scores missing from America's Challenge (99MEX01)
  3. Correction of Jennifer West slalom score in 99C036
  4. Some incorrect women slalom scores from Miami Record (00S029)
  5. slalom scores for Quentin LAFOSSE wre actually at 55kmph and therefore do not qualify.
  6. manay other senior and junior scores at 55kmph found and deleted
29Jan00 New slalom list issued (sl9910a.txt) that includes all slalom corrections above

    problems starting 29Jan00
  1. CHAPIN USA and WOOFENDEN USA - slalom performances in seniors division not at 58kmph
  2. All jump scores from 99RSA05 and 99RSA06 incorrect
  3. Karissa WEDD performance at 99CAN61 on a 0.255 ramp
31Jan00 New jump list issued (ju9910a.txt) that includes all above corrections
    Problems since 31Jan00
  1. Mapple and Cox scores incorrect in 99ITA06 - Slalom list revised 01Feb00
  2. 04Feb00 203 performances missing from the following tournaments due to initial record format problems
    99C034 99C035 99C036 99C042 99C064 99E056 99E061 99M051 99M056 99M061 99M062 99S055 99S058 99S061 99S065 99S075 99S077 99S078 99S085 99S095 99S098 99S106 99S111 99S118 99S133 99W139
    The lists will be republished

New All Data list issued with all known corrections at this point

As errors are found, corrections will be added to the data and a revised list will be published.