Known Problems Ranking List June 2003

  1. Argentina tournament data combined from two tournaments * 03ARG1*03ARG2*
  2. 2002 Pan Am Championships data not included Pan Am Results
  3. Dane Puxty should be on the 21&U Overall Qualifier List (fixed on list)
  4. Jimmy Siemers and Ryan Dodd should be on the 21&U Overall Qualifying List (fixed on list)
  5. BRIANT Michale at number 18 and BRYANT Michele at number 29 same skier
  6. Several skiers in Juniors have incorrect yob's of 86 when it should be 85 and they should not be on the list. The problem is due to incorrect yob's from 03CHIWJC. Here is a list of skiers with a yob of 1985 and therefore are not qualified for the April 2003 List
  7. Russell GAY 03E005R 11900 - submitted incorrectly with class of L so it was reduced to 10000. The correct class is R so it will be listed as 11900.
  8. The Junior Jump lists excluded many performances that were not marked as Junior performances. The database has been corrected and the junior lists will be republished.