Subject: 	World Cup Newsletter #1

Hello, Water Ski World Cup sponsors, organizers, skiers, fans ...  Here is 
the latest news from the World Cup.  Most of the information on the World 
Cup has been coming to you via the U.S. Pro Water Ski Tour newsletter.  Now 
that everything is a go for the Cafe de Colombia Water Ski  World Cup -- 
including a title sponsor -- the latest info will not only appear in the 
U.S. pro tour newsletter, but in its own World Cup newsletter as well.  If 
you have any comments, please e-mail them back to me at
or fax them to me at 407-628-7061.

Editor: Dean Turcol

World Cup Happenings

The official newsletter of the
Cafe de Colombia Water Ski World Cup

Issue: 1            Date:  February 17, 1996 

 -- Schedule
 -- Disciplines by events
 -- Scoring
 -- Public Relations Report

March 8-10 Moomba Masters Melbourne Australia
April 12-13 U.S. Pro Tour Orlando, Florida USA
May 3-4 U.S. Pro Tour Charleston, S. Carolina USA
May 24-25 Masters Waterski Tourn. Pine Mountain, Georgia USA
June 7-8 U.S. Pro Tour Austin, Texas USA
June 14-15 U.S. Pro Tour Shreveport, Louisiana USA
June 21-22 U.S. Open Greenville, North Carolina USA
June 28-29 Arena Masters Milan Italy
July 5-6 German Cup Lubeck Germany
July 12-13 U.S. Pro Tour Hartford, Connecticut USA
July 19-20 U.S. Pro Tour Indianapolis, Indiana USA
July 26-27 Extreme World Cup Toronto Canada
August 2-3 U.S. Pro Tour Sacramento, California USA
August 9-10 U.S. Pro Tour Portland, Oregon USA
August 23-24 Paddy Classic Golden Falls Ireland
August 30-31 British Masters Reading England

March 8-10Moomba Masters MS, MJ, WS, WJ
April 12-13U.S. Pro Tour, Orlando MS, MJ*
May 3-4U.S. Pro Tour, Charleston MS, MJ
May 24-25Masters Waterski Tourn. MS, MJ, WS, WJ
June 7-8U.S. Pro Tour, Austin MS, MJ
June 14-15U.S. Pro Tour, Shreveport MS, MJ
June 21-22U.S. Open MS, MJ, WS, WJ
June 28-29Arena Masters MS, MJ, WS, WJ
July 5-6German Cup MJ
July 12-13U.S. Pro Tour, Hartford MS, MJ
July 19-20U.S. Pro Tour, Indianapolis MS, MJ
July 26-27Extreme World Cup MJ, WS
August 2-3U.S. Pro Tour, Sacramento MS, MJ
August 9-10U.S. Pro Tour, Portland MS, MJ
August 23-24Paddy Classic MJ, WJ
August 30-31British Masters MS, MJ, WS, WJ

Totals:   MS -- 13 Events,  MJ -- 16 Events,   WS -- 7 Events,  WJ -- 6 

* Women+s slalom will be added to one U.S. tour stop.  City TBA.

+Scoring for Water Ski World Cup Announced+
The Water Ski World Cup scoring formula for World Cup points is as follows: 
16 tournaments, each skier+s lowest score will be dropped (one tournament). 
 At the end of the season, the champion will win the winner-take-all purse.

Competitors will be awarded points according to the following schedule:
1st  100
2nd  70
3rd  48
4th  38
5th  30
6th  25
7th  21
8th  17
9th  15
10th 13
11th 11
12th 9
13th 7
14th 5
15th 3

These points were calculated by Bob Corson and his committee on scoring. 
 They are very similar to the World Cup points standings in World Cup snow 

I very happy to report that the P.R. effort for the World Cup is going very 
well.  Already, the international and U.S. press have picked up the story 
and run with it.  For example, here is the list of magazines that have run 
or are in production of stories on the World Cup:  The Edge (UK), Water 
Skier,  Wasser Ski (Germany), Boating World, Splash, Go Boating, In Skiing. 
 In addition, my media list now includes over 100 contacts including press 
agencies in the U.K., France, Sweden, Germany, Canada and Switzerland.

All of those agencies get press releases previewing the World Cup on the 
average of one every two weeks.  The latest release, on Moomba, goes out 
this week.  In addition, Water Ski magazine will have a SEVEN-page preview 
on the World Cup in its next issue.

+This is the biggest pro preview we have done in four years, and it only 
deals with the World Cup and its tournaments,+ says Rob May, editor of Water 
Ski magazine.

Also, the Internet has picked up the story and they get information on a 
regular basis also.

This exposure is GREAT for the World Cup and skiing.

But more can be done. Please send me any information that you want the world 
to know about your tournament and also the information you want skiers to 

And one more thing: Please continue to send press contacts.  Andres Botero 
has been a big help here,  but others have yet to send any to me.

If you have any comments on this newsletter or questions, please e-mail me 
or fax me ...

Thanks until next time!

 -- Dean Turcol