1. 1999 Defending Junior Masters Event or Overall Champion
  2. 1998 Junior Worlds Event or Overall Champion
  3. Top 5 on final IWSF Junior World Ranking List, **published as of March 1, **2000.
  4. 1999 U.S. Nationals Junior Event or Overall Champion
  5. **Performance in an IWSF sanctioned record-capability tournament between November 1, 1999 and May 15, 2000 which is equal to or exceeds the performance level of the 5th Ranked skier on the final 1999 IWSF Junior World Ranking List (published as of March 1, 2000).
  6. 1999 Junior Men Wakeboard World Champion
  7. 1999 Boys Wakeboard World Champion
  8. 1999 Super Grom Wakeboard Series Event Champion
  9. 1999 Junior Grom Wakeboard Series Event Champion
  10. Top 5 scorers on combined 1999 Super Grom and Jr. Grom Wakeboard Series


Junior Men:

William Asher (GBR) S3, J3 O3

Sean Bezuidenhout (RSA) S2

Mathew Curmi (USA) T3 O3

Ryan Dodd (CAN) J3

Patrick Julien Esnard (FRA) S3 T3 O3

Trevor Hansen (USA) W7,8,10

Daniel Harf (USA) W1,6,9,10

Brian Kennedy (USA) W10

Mark Kenney (AUS) W9

Boris Laval (FRA) S3

Joffrey Malaquin (FRA) T3

Ty Oppenlander (USA) S3

Justin Seefried (USA) S3,4

Aurelien Serrault (FRA) J3

Jimmy Siemers H (USA) T1,2,3,4 J1,2,3,4 O1,2,3,4

Froggy Soven (USA) W8,10

Christopher Sumner (GBR) T3

Jimmy Townsend (CAN) J3 O3

JD Webb (USA) W10

H Not participating in 2000 Junior Masters.

Junior Women:

Tarah Benzel (USA) T3, J3 O3

Natalia Berdnikova (BLR) O3

Josefin Edeback (SWE) S3

Cathryn Humphrey (AUS) T3

Regina Jaquess (USA) S3,4 T1,2,3,4 J3,4 O3,4

Clementine Lucine (FRA) S3, T2,3 J3 O2,3

Jaime Metcalfe (NZE) T3

Tatiana Niebuhr (UAE) O3

Floriane Noel (FRA) J3

Shawna O'Neil (USA) S3

Michelle Simpson (USA) S3

Karissa Wedd (CAN) J1,2,3

Caroline Wolfe (USA) S3



S = Slalom T = Tricks

J = Jump O = Overall

W = Wakeboard