Since the end of 1997 a great deal of time, energy and money has been spent by myself, Graziano Tognala our Secretary General and other members of the Executive Board in the promotion of water skiing as a full Olympic Sport for 2004.

Including travel, promotion, advertising and the organising in Seville of an exhibition competition and reception attended by about 800 National Olympic Committee delegates from nearly 200 countries during the ACNO conference, together with Members of the IOC Executive Board including H.E Juan Samaranch plus members of the press, the IWSF has either incurred or expects to incur costs in the region of US$600,000.

We consider the Water Ski demonstration at Seville an unqualified success which has finally laid to rest the bogeys of an engine and the drivers influence. It showed how we can set ourselves up on an Olympic Rowing site within half a day and therefore our infrastructure is not a great additional cost to an organiser.

From our own resources, a contribution from Region EAME, fund-raising through the AWSA and commitments from friends of water skiing, we know we will have at least US$350,000. We need donations from lovers and friends of water skiing to raise the balance.

In the US and Canada, cheques should be made payable to 'IWSF Athens 2004' and sent to Tony Baggiano, the fund-raising chairman, 611 Oakley Place, Alexandria, VA 22302, USA.

From other parts of the world payments can be through any of the following methods.

  1. Direct to bank account 'IWSF Athens 2004' ,account number 0266-452865 72-2 with Credit Suisse, PO Box 100, 12-11 Geneva 70, Switzerland. Swift code CRES CHZZ12H, bank code CARMILLES.

  2. Direct to bank account 'IWSF EAME' number 20142875 with Barclays Bank, 131 Edgware Road, London W2 1HT England, bank sort code 20-65-63.

  3. By post making the remittance payable to 'the IWSF' and sent to A Sheena, 1 Hyde Park Place, London W2 2LH England.

It would be helpful if on the reverse of the cheque you write '2004'.

Our programme is going well. Tremendous progress has bee made and we are optimistic. The Greek Olympic Committee and the Greek 2004 Organising Committee need to propose the two new sports to the IOC and must do so no later than early September. Without these two nominations our chances are dramatically reduced and our efforts now are concentrated on Greece.

The meeting of the IOC to make the final decision is scheduled for early December.

We need your help now to finance the last part of our programme and achieve our goal so please, please help us overcome the last hurdles.

Now, let me present the video taken in Seville at the Olympic demonstration with special thanks to the Italian Water Ski Federation who produced the video for the IWSF.

Seville video

Andres Botero