From: Tognala Graziano[]

Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 1998 5:58 AM

Subject: Press Release - Seville

Dear friend of waterski

I think 4th June has been and will be an unforgettable day for those like me who were there and live on water skiing.

This day has certainly been another milestone, after those ones in Greece and in Lausanne, to get closer to 2004 Olympics. I can for sure declare that the results have exceeded the odds and that they have repaid us of all the commitment we spent. I feel exhausted, but satisfied and I think this is also true for those that have arranged and lived with me this week.

At the entrance of the sports demo place 635 "This is Water Ski" brochures including Athletes Bios and a Greek Federation profile have been distributed to the guests. At the end of the sports demonstration, just 23 thrown brochures have been recovered.

The 4th June has been the great day.

At 13.00 o'clock IWSF in the hearty site of the wonderful basn of Seville Rowing Centre, has introduced a water ski competition-demonstration by 13 participant skiers standing for 11 Countries.

IWSF Bureau ( President A.Botero and Sec. Gen. G.Tognala) has received in the order:

A) S.E. Juan Antonio de Samaranch who was there with 9 out of 11 I.O.C. EB members in Seville for their three days Congress.

B) Mr. M. Vazquez Rana, A.C.N.O. President (National Olympic Committees Association), his Secretary Dr. Feliciano Mayoral who were there with 25 out of 27 A.C.N.O. EB members and with more than 460 delegates including presidents and secretaries general of 197 National Olympic Committees which were attending the anuual Seville Congress.

C) Spanish Tourism and Sport Minister Mr. D. J. Nuniez Castain, the Seville Mayor Mrs. Doña Soledad Becerril, the president of the Andalusian Olympic Foundation, D. A. Rojas-Marcos who were there with about 15 Spanish political and sports authorities.

National and local TV network were also there; a big number of photographers and journalists could benefit of S.E. Samaranch's unique public appearing to interview him .

The performance started at 13.50 due to the late arrival of some delegates

Slalom opened the competition and it was followed by Figure and Jump. Unfortunately Wakeboard could not be introduced because of a technical breakdown.

During and at the end of the performance a high gourmet Seville catering and a good choice of National wines have been offered which was very much appreciated by guests.

At 15.05 Vazquez Rana left the Rowing centre and a little bit later, at 15.15. S.E. Samaranch did the same followed by the Spanish authorities.

On leaving, they addressed to president Botero and to the undersigned the best congratulations for the spectacularly aspects of our sport and for high professionally context exhibited by our demonstration.

The congratulations have also been reaffirmed to our president by delegates at the re-opening of the congress.

Brenda supplied lobby work and information to I.O.C. EB members.

Andres was sitting next to S.E. Samaranch and V. Rana among whom Minister Nuniez sat.

Des turned to be an enthusiastic great speaker.

Aubry was lobbying with delegates.

Kuno directed the jury

Helena, on leaving for slalom test, tried pointlessly to convince Samaranch to get on boat, but he refused and to make her happy wore IWSF hat: this unchained Photographers there

I wish by now I particularly thanked Spanish Federation and Barcellona Club (Xavi Mill) who installed all course at a high record time. This proved to show how well water ski installations fit those of rowing. A special thank to Natalia Garcia for her assistance.

Thank also to Correct Craft (Carlos Relvas), to Perfect Pass, to Olaf Boetscher and to those that have paid their share to make successful this sport demonstration.

To Our athletes this is certainly a day to remember and made their best in their specialities. Today they won no medals, but they helped Our sport to win.

On the convivial evening IWSF handed to athletes, judges, co-operators and sponsors a certificate of presence to remember the demonstration.

On gathering general impressions I wish to confirm that the performance has turned to be a great success.

Tognala Graziano IWSF Secretary General