IWSF Rule Changes for 2006

Changes added for the 2006 Rules will be colored blue.

Rule 2.02

For all IWSF World Championships except the Open World Champoinships, the number of skiers qualified to ski in the Final round of an event shall be as shown in the following table and will be announced immediately after the end of the Preliminary round of the event:
Number of skiers started
in Preliminary round
Number of skiers
in Finals
1 - 5 All
6 - 10 first 5
11 - 12 first 6
13 - 15 first 8
16 - 19 first 10
20 and more first 12

Rule 2.05

-If a skier (or skiers) has been incorrectly placed in the wrong seed group, where he will ski in the correct group shall be decided by random draw by putting numbers 1 to "n" into a hat and then drawing one (or more) numbers to show in which place the new skiers will ski. ("n" being the original number in the series plus the missing skier/s). The start list must then be revised and republished.
Original group 10, add 2 skiers, draw from numbers 1-12, draw 3 and 7
Original skiers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
New Order: 1,2,new skier 1,3,4,5,6,new skier 2,7,8,9,10

Rule 5.01

For Slalom (Skier's score) X 1000) /(Best score)(2006)

Rule 6.01

The Appointed Judges shall be selected by each Regional Council. All appointed judges must be qualified in all three events. (2006)

Rule 10.07

x8u Skier Before each skier. One adjustment after 1st jump only. Not applicable Manufacturer's setting may be adjusted up or down by up to 30% (rounded). Manufacturer setting and adjustment zones as published.(2006)
x8d     Not applicable No adjustment from manufacturer setting.(2006)

Rule 14.06

d) Slalom skier buoys shall be 20 to 28 cm. in diameter. 20 cm. is recommended. Slalom gate buoys shall be 22 to 28 cm. in diameter. 23 cm. is recommended. These buoys shall also be generally spherical above the waterline. (2006)

g) Gate buoys shall be fastened so that they have 11-17 cm of height out of the water (11.5cm recommended) Skier buoys shall be fastened so that they have 10-17 cm of height out of the water (10.0cm recommended)(2006)

Rule 14.07

The skier may elect to waive all passes below a selected rope length (or speed should the Event Judges lower the minimum starting speed). (2006)

Rule 14.14

It is recommended that the end course video be monitored from the judges tower and any driving corrections needed communicated to the driver. (2006)

The Chief Judge may assign an end-course judge to monitor the end-course video and award rerides on the following criteria:
If the center of the boat deviates more than 20cm from the center of the course, the end-course judge shall award an optional reride if the path of deviation was a disadvantage to the skier. If it was to the skier's advantage, a reride is mandatory. If it had no effect, a reride will not be awarded. It shall be considered an advantage if the boat deviates outside the 20cm toward the buoy that the skier is attempting to get around thus making it easier for him to get to the buoy. It shall be considered a disadvantage if the boat deviates outside the 20cm away from the buoy that the skier is attempting to get around thus making it harder for him to get to the buoy. It shall be considered no effect if the deviation happened in a part of the pass where the skier was not in the process of attempting to round a buoy. The reride will be awarded if the end-course judge and the Chief Judge agree on the determination. The skier's score up to the point of the illegal deviation shall be protected assuming all other rules criteria have been met (time).(2006)

Rule 14.18

Missed times - if the applicable segment time is missed the skier may accept the highest scores with a good applicable segment time, or receive an optional reride with a protected score equal to the highest score with a good applicable segment time. Note if no times are recorded rule 8.02 applies.

Rule 15.08

At the skier's option, if he did not fall, the boat may stop between passes for a maximum of 45 seconds. The time shall start when the boat gets to the skier. The skier is allowed to change equipment after a fall or during the 45 second set down. In case of a fall he has only 30 seconds in which to change and at the end of 30 seconds the skier must be in the water ready to go or he loses the right to his second pass. (2006)

Rule 15.09

The skier may request a speed change after the 50m point (including any time during the run itself (2006)) but by doing so must accept the speed given without the right to request a reride for incorrect speed.

The skier must be given the speed setting he asks for before starting the run. If the wrong speed setting is used then that is a reason for a reride if the skier does not change the speed. (2006)

Rule 15.11

For L&R tournament scores over 6000 for women and 8500 for men, boat video will be mandatory from 1st November 2006. (2006)

Rule 15.12

When automatic video timing is being used the use of an audible device is optional.

Trick Table

FFLB/WFLIPFB   Forward Somersault with 180 Back 61 850 850

World Junior Championships

5.01 Slalom

(Skier's score) X 1000) /(Best score)(2006)


The World Ranking List is a list of the best men and women skiers in each event ranked by performance. A Junior Ranking List is also produced for skiers meeting the Junior age criteria and based on skiing under junior rules. An Under 21 Ranking List is also produced for skiers meeting the Under 21 age criteria and based on skiing under open rules. The ranking is based on the average of each skiers' two best scores from two separate tournaments and two separate sites. Only one score in each event is considered from each tournament.

Data Record Changes (2006)
Division field increased to 12 characters
IWSF License Number Field added
Site ID field added

Year of Birth is mandatory.


The centerline is a line from the middle of the entry gates to the middle of the exit gates.


World Cup Rules will be approved by the World Cup Committee and by the Tournament Council and published prior to the start of the World Cup season

Homologation Dossier

item 19 deleted (7000/10000 point judge)
20. 2nd Speed Control Display used all event( )