2. Bob Corson Chair and Region Pan Am

    Jeffry Armstrong Region Pan Am

    Stefan Rauchenwald Region EAME

    Candido Moz Region EAME

    Gillian Hill Region EAME

    Gavin Brain Region A A

    Ron Fergusson Region A A

    Murray Eade Region A A

    Lori Krueger Athlete Representative


    APOLOGIES for absence

    Peter Person Region Pan Am

    Waldo Miranda Region Pan Am

    Emma Sheers Athlete Commission


  3. Issues from EB
  4. The date of the 2005 Worlds in China will be August 15th – 21st 2005.

    All drug testing now under control of WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) who have issued common tests and a list of banned substances. IWSF Doping Code will refer to the WADA list.


  5. World Championship 2003 issues
  6. The TC agreed unanimously that some skiers who missed the start due to a partially unannounced schedule change should ski in the next series.

    The TC agreed unanimously that a jump height submitted wrongly by a federation or team captain should be changed to the correct height even though this caused changes to the published start lists.

    A Postal ballot of the World TC had earlier agreed that Series 1 and 2 skiers may use the World Record jump distance for Perfect Pass at their own discretion.


  7. Election of the Chairman
  8. It was proposed by Stefan, seconded by Ron and agreed unanimously that Bob Corson remain Chairman. The committee also recorded their thanks for his incredible work. At the same time the TC members congratulated Bob on his induction to the Hall of Fame which all considered highly deserved.


  9. Record Application Forms
  10. The main issue on this point was are actual signatures required on record application forms. In some cases (overall in particular) it was not necessarily realised that a record had been broken until after the competition was over and the officials had dispersed back to their homes. Collecting signatures was often difficult and time consuming. The US Water Ski record application form includes the email addresses of all officials who can be contacted for confirmation. This was considered sufficient and gave a method for officials to object if they disagreed with the record.

    Bob will add the IWSF logo to the official record form and post it on the web page.

  11. Restriction on number of rounds
  12. The TC gave consideration to extending the number of homologated rounds allowed to be held at the same site on consecutive days. After considerable discussion the TC members believed it was against the interests of competition to allow multiple rounds on the same site on consecutive days.

    It was therefore agreed to retain the existing with 3 homologated rounds maximum, except that four rounds are allowed if the competition is cutting numbers of competitors in each round. This is a small change to the old head to head exception.


  13. World Under 21 and Juniors combined

An offer has been received to host these two championships together in 2006.

If this was done there would be no World Under 21 Championships in 2005. The TC were aware that some skiers who should have been eligible to ski in 2005 would miss out the following year by being too old. This was a planning problem for Federations and changing the years in which age competitions were held would cause ongoing problems.

Also staging the two events together might take away the glory from the Juniors. However, it would probably be cheaper for Federations.

After discussion the TC agreed the following points:-

If the Congress or EB accepted a combined World Junior and World Under 21 Championships -

Those would be the rules if the Congress wishes to accept any offer.

Whether combining the two events is a good idea or not will not be seen until it is done.


  1. Older Boat Policy
  2. There is no specific IWSF Rule that expires a boat approval. This can be and is done by local Federations though as a matter of local policy.


  3. Senior Trophy Scores
  4. For Senior Rules Overall, a minimum statnard table based on World Senior Trophy results will be used. Once that is exceeded, winner = 1000 points will be used.


  5. Administration Rule Changes
    1. Rule 1.09 Drug Testing
    2. Remove everything after sentence 1 and state the responsibility is via the IWSF Medical Commission.


    3. Rule 2.05
    4. Remove "Official reserves shall be limited to two per team."


    5. Rule 1.08
    6. The EAME TC had asked what penalty applies if a skier, even inadvertently, starts without their bib. This rule actually refers to a contractual deal between the organiser / IWSF and the sponsor. So perhaps the penalty for not wearing a bib should be financial, not performance. An amount of money that is serious enough to hurt, charged to the Federation in team events and individuals in other events.

      It was agreed to add at the end of existing Rule 1.08 "In the case where a skier starts without a required bib a substantial fine will be charged at the discretion of the Tournament organisers and the controlling body."


    7. Rule 10.01
    8. It was agreed to change 10.01 e) to require the full information (engine size, prop pitch, etc) on each boat for each event should be known 3 months in advance of the date of the Championships.

      If this requirement is not met then the organiser is violating his contract rules.


    9. Rule 10.07

    Similarly to above – the speed control information must be notified 3 months in advance of the Championships.


  6. World Games 2005
  7. This is an overall competition and so far no medals are issued for the individual events. The selection of skiers will be done as it was last time. Bob would speak to Kuno regarding medal issue being the same for all divisions.


  8. OLD Records
  9. Records before the unification of the WWSU cannot be recognised as World records as the rules differed worldwide.


  10. Changes to Senior age groups
  11. A proposal had come forward via Gordon Gay to change the age categories and increase the number of categories for the World Senior Trophy. It was unfortunate that there were not many competitors in Balakova (partially because of visa problems) and the numbers did not bear out an increase in categories. The TC members agreed therefore not to change anything at this time

    The World Senior Trophy would revert to being held in even years in future.


  12. World Championship Individual Entries
  13. The TC believed the various methods of gaining entry into the World Championships were fair and accurate. The rules were published clearly in advance and all skiers knew what they had to do to qualify. Fundamentally the TC believed they had got it right. After serious and considered discussion it was agreed NOT to change the criteria for next time. Whether it was a World Cup Ranking List or Elite Ranking List used would depend on how plans for the 2005 World Cup progressed.


  14. Approval of Speed Control systems
  15. Kolman to be asked to apply for recognition. Bob has a form for him to complete.


  16. Who beat who ranking lists
  17. The Elite skier Ranking List had worked well for the major events of the year. However, the mere fact that two separate ranking lists were in being created problems at all levels as the two (elite and performance based) did not rank skiers in the same order and this could create problems for Federations.

    Candido has done a huge amount of work and tabled a sample using the 2002 scores that could create a who beat who Ranking List that could incorporate ALL skiers from all competitions. It would cater for the top athletes as the Elite list does now, but would also incorporate results from Regional, International and some National events. It retained the concept of the Elite list in that the size of the competition was important, as was the status, and the skiers who were competing.

    The TC members showed quite a lot of interest in this idea but obviously a lot of input was needed to know if it could be accepted. It was agreed that Candido send Bob the spreadsheet to trial the system alongside the 2003 list.


  18. Athlete Issues
  19. An Email had been received from Sarah Gatty Saunt reference driver training. This related to some driver / speed control issues at the EAME Championships. The EAME TC was already dealing with this issue.

    An Email had been received from Curtis Sheers asking for a better arrangement with major events moving from continent to continent and also setting a fixed number of finalists. At present the IWSF has no power over the dates or details of each event and we are just taking events that organisers put on into the Elite events list. If the World Cup comes back into being in 2005 this will give the IWSF more opportunity to have a major say in the schedule of competitions.

    The Athletes Commission has asked that is be made mandatory for all Federations to have athlete representation on their Boards. This is not possible to do as every Federation has its own Constitution. However, all athletes should be asking their own federations to do this.


  20. World Championships Alternate Officials
  21. The TC had taken a vote to name Alternate Judges for World Championships. These alternates are welcome to come to the competition, but it is not mandatory. They will not be paid for by the organisers.


    1. Optical versus Digital Zoom for end of course video
    2. Digital zoom is not at all the same magnification as optical. So the existing rules have to stand.


    3. Timer Readout for Judges
    4. The Boat Judge MUST SEE the times for each pass and record them.

      A secondary display in the boat for the Judge is mandatory to enable this to happen.

      Agreed to change Rule 10.07 to require a second display for the Boat Judge.

      The speed control system should print out a record of all data for every skier and every pass at the end of the series. Bob will pursue a method of getting this information out of the system.

    5. All Buoy Timing
    6. ABT is mandatory for Record tournaments.

      ABT is highly recommended from Jan 2004 and mandatory from Jan 1st 2005.

      If a course had ABT it does not need to have green timing buoys in.

    7. Slalom Gates
    8. The proposal to remove the need to go though the gates is not supported by the athletes at this time. But it was agreed discussion should continue to see what, if anything, we can do to improve the situation.


    9. Slalom Judging positions
    10. Different suggestions from USA and EAME. Judging from one side is not ideal and everyone is trying to solve this without having to resort back to 5 judges.


    11. Rule 17.03

Change paragraph a) to read:

"Optional Judging Method – all of the following requirements must be met:-

Change paragraph b) to read:

b) When boat video is used, the boat video may be monitored on the tower……… to end as before.

Make final paragraph item c) and change to:

"if a skier/Team Representative believes that there was an error in the score, he may challenge it by notifiying the Chief Judge before the next skier goes out and by putting up SF250. The Chief Judge and a designated review judge will review the video (boat video or gate video). If they both agree …………(to end as previously).


    1. KX PX changes
    2. Agreed to allow one change of the KX factor after the first pass.

      Further agreed for Bob to continue working with Perfect Pass to eliminate all skier adjustable settings.


    3. Ύ buoy.
    4. The skiers were given information on this from last year. There is a growing interest. Lori will take it to their Friday meeting.


    5. Rule 13.04
    6. Remove expired reference to 2001


    7. Slalom tolerances
    8. The TC agreed there is no way to change the slalom tolerances or even establish a driver’s tolerance. But the changes we have made today should strengthen the position of the boat judge. Re-iterate rule 14.03 final paragraph and change to bold print – times to be as close to the actual times as possible.

      The TC will examine a driver monitoring system.


    9. All Buoy Timing

Reride situation when one buoy timing is wrong in an otherwise perfect pass.

Bob will look at this and see what can be found to give a fair situation for ABT times.



    1. Jump Driving
    2. Rule 13.04 Remove first timing method and make the optional timing chart the only timing chart.

      Change third paragraph under chart to read:-

      "When the speed is below the maximum for the division, the second segment will not be used with the exception that it may not exceed the maximum speed time for the event division."


    3. Jump Timing
    4. A suggestion for changing to faster second segment or no timing in second segment. The Skiers are investigating this now and will come back to us within a year. For now no change.


    5. Jump Measurement
    6. Protected score when outjumping a grid when using multiple grids

      Skier outjumps one grid and the judge fail to capture the next grid. Agreed that the interpretation would be that the skier gets a protected score of the maximum distance of the grid he outjumps, and then gets a re-ride.


    7. Rope / handle lengths for Jump
    8. Line and handle must meet their individual rules.

      If the handle is too long and the rope too short but the whole is in tolerance then maybe they can be tie-wrapped so that it becomes one rope that cannot be taken apart during the tournament.

      There must be some Spectra in the rope in order to supply their own.

      The rope must be measured every time they ski. Otherwise the rope has to be impounded and in the keeping of someone else.


    9. Jump ride-out Rule 13.07
    10. Change first sentence to read:

      A jump shall be scored when a skier passes over the ramp, lands and skis away with a tight line in skiing position without falling."


    11. Rule 13.14 Safety Equipment
    12. Add new paragraph at end

      "Should a skier go over the ramp not wearing a helmet that jump will be disallowed."

    13. Rule 13.02 h) Length markings
    14. Amend to 6.40 and 6.80 length markings. Add NB old ramps with 6.70 marks are also acceptable.


    15. Rule 13.02 k) Side curtain angle
    16. Change from 50 degrees to 60 degrees.


    17. Ramp Open / Closed
    18. The Athletes would prefer a tighter tolerance on this issue. They will advise us of their group decision after their Friday evening meeting.


    19. Rule 12.01 - Jump

    Noted - The 210 metre buoy is optional.


  3. · Take out reference to 7.000 and 10.000 point judge.

    · Timer for tricks is now video timing - not regional standard.

    · Boat judge for tricks - regional standard – agreed this is REMOVED as it spoken about in the Rules.

    · Under Jump - add "Video jump measurement - mandatory for RC".


    1. World Junior Rules – 13.01

    EAME suggested we remove reference to 38 metre qualification for Juniors. No favour for this from the other regions. No change.


    At this stage the meeting concluded on Wednesday

    The Council reconvened on Thursday with the same people present except Lori Krueger who had presented apologies.

    Jim Grew, President of the World Council for Disabled was welcomed to sit in on the discussions as an observer


    1. Use of Video in Tricks
    2. The existing rules say that when 3 judges are used an immediate review must be available. The implication is that when 5 judges are working this should not be used.

      The TC agreed they wished to allow (for whatever number of judges) ONE immediate replay of the pass at normal speed to allow the judges to check what they have written. Then the sheets are handed in after which any further necessary review resorts to the existing rules.


    3. Video Trick Timing
    4. USA Water Ski have requested that Video Trick Timing no longer be mandatory for Ranking List events. Not agreed – no change.


    5. 50 metre buoy in Tricks
    6. This defines the point after which the speed cannot be changed by the skier.

      Agreed to add this as a recommended option to the Trick course.


    7. Constant Trick Speed
    8. The rules clearly state that once the boat is in the course there can be no changes of speed.

      This was agreed.

      Discussion on allowing changes in speed in the course completely at the skiers risk.

      It was AGREED to change rule 15.09 by deleting the existing text and replacing the following:-

      "The skier shall tell the boat driver what speed he desires on each pass, or he may use the preparation time to set the speed up to 50m before entering the course.

      The skier may request a speed change after the 50m point but by doing so must accept the speed given without the right to request a reride for incorrect speed."


    9. 15.11 Ballast Tanks
    10. Our rules call for full or empty – should we include half full? Lori will ask the athletes meeting.


    11. Rule 15.12
    12. remove reference to 10 & 7000 trick review plus all dates


    13. Rule 15.15
    14. remove and any time there is a 3 – 2


    15. Rule 16.07 a)
    16. remove "five" from the second sentence.


    17. Start of the pass
    18. Rule 15.06 – remove existing words and replace with

      "After passing the approximate position of the first entrance buoy the beginning of the trick pass shall begin:

      a) For a surface trick, at the first discernable rotation of the ski from the tracking direction (or position).

      b) For a wake trick, at the earliest of the following to occur:

      i. At the first discernable rotation of the ski from the tracking direction (or position) as the skier approaches the wake, or;

      ii. When the ski under the binding of the leading foot leaves the water surface no longer supporting the weight of the skier, or;

      iii. When the binding of the leading foot crosses the crest of the wake.

      c. If the skier fails to make any such movement, as the skier passes the second entrance buoy.


    19. Interpretation of Final Trick in time
    20. As agreed at last meeting. Add to Rules.


    21. Declared Trick Lists
    22. USA Proposal to eliminate the declared trick lists for all but Record comps. Long discussion about this. Some sympathy with allowing no trick lists for lesser scores, but generally preferred no change.

      Allow repeats of tricks – so change Rule 15.16 to allow any trick to be listed more than once and can be scored later in the pass.

      Reverses cannot score unless they are performed immediately after the basic (or basic plus180), however, they may be listed later in the pass. AGREED

      Agreed that the scorer may reasonably interpret the skiers submitted list as to what he actually did against what he wrote!!!! This is difficult to write a rule for but agreed in principle.

      It had already been accepted that a skier could submit on paper a run that is physically impossible to perform on the water. This was to allow skiers to have options on which tricks they wished to do as they progressed through their pass.

      Front Somersault – segregate definition to require the ski to follow in the direction of travel. Agreed.


    23. Trick Points Review

The TC agreed NOT to pursue the points revision as agreed and published last year as that clearly was not wanted by the skiers.

The TC agreed to hold a meeting with skiers during the Championships to seek their collective input. The main principles that would be put forward were agreed as follows:-

Invited to the meeting are all trick skiers and coaches.

Agreed to change Rule 1.05 to make new tricks effective from 1st November (not 30th) as this fits in with the Rankings List. This would take effect from 2004.

Any points changes or new tricks that we agree with the skiers during this week would become effective 30th November 2003.


    1. Rope release
    2. Increasingly a rope is being used as the trick release mechanism.

      These were considered safe by the TC provided a maximum length was set. This was believed to be appropriate at 1 metre. The release person must not adjust the skier’s rope length.



      There being no further business the TC would reconvene at the meeting with the skiers on site.


    3. Trick Meeting

A meeting was held at the site on with many trick skiers in attendance. There were many opinions expressed. Previous to this meeting other attempts to get input had been tried. After the discussion based on the items noted above in 22.12, it was decided to attempt to get a broad input from the skiers. This would be done by sending out a spreadsheet that contained a list of the tricks fro skiers to fill out and return. Those returned would be posted for all to see and all input was due in by November 1.

Subsequently, the spreadsheets were sent out and also made available at the following web address: