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As issued by Email. Gill apologised for the EAME items being so late on this occasion.

The Athletes Commission was not represented.

Ad hoc meetings of the Council would be held during the week of the Tournament.

All buoy timing

This is being used in the US nearly all the time, but not so much in Europe and Australia. Jeffry felt the athletes would expect it would be used at this World Championships. There is less probability of an issue with the fall button. No decision on whether to use all buoy timing or not - left to arrival of skier representative. The officials on site were called to see if all buoy timing was feasible – it was. Ultimately, all buoy timing was used, with success.

Trick Values

The skiers have not yet agreed amongst themselves how to move forward. Stefan felt we should try to move things forward from the TC level. We are disappointed they appear to be unable to reach a concensus. Suggested we organise a meeting with some skiers, a couple of coaches, judges, etc. to try and find a way forwards. Jeffry and Alain both interested in helping to progress this.

IWSF Drug Policy

Administratively the Drug Policy is impossible to adhere to, requiring testing at World Cup events, and anywhere a record is broken. Does our sport have the wherewithal to accommodate these rules. Most feel not. We should be recommending changes to the Policy to make it feasible. Agreed testing at World Cup events should be by random selection.

For World Record breakers the TC recommends they have a week in which to report for testing. IWSF to pay for negative tests, athlete pays if it is positive. Or perhaps a split with the Federation.

N.B. Later information from Ross Outerbridge, Medical Commission Chairman, seems to indicate that there might be a service where the drug testing goals might be met. This is being investigated.

World Cup Rules

Because the World Cup is 16 individual events the rules at each are slightly different. Ties are broken in different ways and this is accepted by the skiers. The skiers would like tied skiers to take the points from the tied place.

For the World Cup points

Ties in the finals will be broken by the score in the preliminary round. If there is still a tie, the skiers have the points from the tied place. This is how Bob will allocate points.

Seedings for start lists should be by previous World Cup rankings, but by random draw in the finals.

Entry to the World Championships via World Cup placings or rankings. We are waiting for a response from the athletes.

Athletes to be asked for major items which are their concern at World Cup events - if they give this list we will make some changes and rules to accommodate as much as possible.

N.B. After consultation with the AAC during the tournament, the athletes recommend the following World Cup policies/procedures:

1. There will be no World Cup Ranking list for 2000. This is the list that rotated through a year's scores.

2. Entry to the Worlds will be from the points list (not an issue next year, of course)

3. Tournaments will resolve ties however they would feel appropriate and split the prize money per their published rules. However, points will always be awarded the same way.

Points as per the table.

Ties in the finals stand, i.e. two skiers tied for 6th place both get 6th place points.

1st place ties always broken and only 1 skier will ever get 100 points in an event.

Ties in other rounds (semi-finals maybe) get broken by preceding round.

If the tie isn't broken, then the tied skiers get the points of that placement.

In the US Pro Tour where they have bracket skiing, I would just do as I did last year, placement by score, ties broken by preceding rounds, skiers tied at a place receive those place points.

US Pro Tour

RD1 - 2 brackets of 15, top 5 in each advance

RD2 - 2 brackets of 5, top 3 advance

RD3 - 2 brackets of 3, winner advances

RD4 - bracket winners ski for 1st and 2nd

You can see it is complicated to determine placement.

What I proposed (and used this year) all skiers in a round not advancing

are placed by score, ties broken by preceding rounds. This means, of

course that ties for 11-15 are not broken, having been performed in the

first round.

Overall records

May be set at competitions where there is no overall competition.

Trick timing

Part of the athlete trick review process.

Rule 15.08 - the skier is allowed to change equipment after a fall or during the 30 second set down. In both cases he has only 30 seconds in which to change and must be ready etc…..

Take out however……. To period.

Then add paragraph above.

Chief Judge skiing in a Cash Prize Tournament

Not a big issue, no particular view.

Speed control in jump

TC reviewed graphs showing radar readings taken during the jump event. These show that the speed fluctuation of the boat is higher than desired, but in response to the let up after the pull put on by the skier. Eric Horton had prepared charts for skier weight / performance and letter.

We are aiming for actual times and balanced segments and the TC generally agreed the officials would choose the letter (based on the chart as a guide) and adjust the letter and the speed increment to achieve actual times and balanced segments.

After discussion it was agreed to use the charts and allow a 3 letter variance for the first jump. After which the officials will adjust the letter to achieve actual times and balanced segments.

So if the chart says M - you can select JKL or NOP.

Ask skier weight and go by the chart.

During the event, the letter used by the skier and any change made to the increment or letter must be written down.

Shock Tubes in slalom

This is a requirement for slalom. Add to the rules 10.04. A protective shock tube must be used on the rope in Slalom.

Alter 1.07 to read Unless otherwise specifically stated every vote of the appointed……


In Jump OK Fast - the score can improve on the mandatory re-ride.

Credit for Sideslides

They must slide for 2 metres - and you use your judgement.

Overall Record requirements

Effectively all three events are treated as records - but generally felt we cannot go through the whole review procedure for all events. Some feeling that we should feel confident enough to accept that the RC tournament at which it occurred is run properly. Agreed to allow the event homologator to make sure everything is satisfactory and then submit the record application form, results and the homologation sheet. These should be submitted as per rule 16.08 within 14 days. Agreed to change Rule 16.08 - first paragraph and last to read 14 days.

WORLD CUP RULES - need changing to reflect 1,50 jump for women (as well as 1.65 for men).

World Senior Rankings

A request has been received to establish Senior rankings. TC agreed this was not feasible or desirable.

Boat Testing

Ron has asked about testing / approval of Malibu boats manufactured in Australia. The boats are primarily made in the USA and are approved there. Should they also be tested in Australia? Agreed that if the Company headquarters attest the boats are identical then there is no need for second tests.

Trick Lists

If a trick is inadvertently listed twice in the same pass then it is like it is not there - and neither it nor any reverse which follows it may not score. Only the first listed trick will be considered by the scorers. The trick(s) which cannot count are those listed second.

EAME Items

Centre Line courses

Agreed to allow single line courses for Record Capability provided they are of approved design.

End course video - slalom

Change Rule 16.07 a) to read only one end video needed.

Lion programme

The Lion homologation programme is fully available for anyone to download from the web pages.

Ranking List scores greater than the World Record

Scores exceeding World records and not eligible or approved as a world record should be put into the rankings list somehow - not totally thrown out - AGREED the score will be included in the list at the next possible score down from the world record, UNLESS the actual score performed can be established within the record review.

Must score in the preliminary Round to advance to the finals

Agreed to add in a rule stating that unless you have a score in the preliminary you cannot take part in the final. Change Rule 2.02.

Speed Control in Tricks

Speed Control mode for Tricks. We did not agree that only the trick mode could be used, this was only a recommendation from Le Forestier - and the TC has not changed anything - either mode can be used - but must be notified.

Ranking List – one score adjustment

Only one score on the World Rankings List. Bob feels the adjustment he makes to the scores is fairly heavy. - just make a statement in the rules to say that one score will be adjusted.

Judge Titles

Judge titles - should be the same across the world. Stefan asked for each region to send their information and he will make a proposal.

Automatic qualification for the finals regardless of score

Skier wild cards - no one likes the idea of skiers in the final who are not qualified - even for PR purposes. This is not allowed.


Ranking List – new concept

There was a proposal that the IWSF Rankings List should be based on who is being competed with, rather than just scores. This would stop skiers going to small competitions just to get a good score. Also to enter major events you would need so many ranking points - this will sort out who is qualified. It met with general agreement that we should investigate the feasibility of this for the future.

Ranking List Chairman’s note:

I will change the input data format to include placement as well as score so that the issue may be studied. This will also require that all data be received in electronic format. This concept may be too cumbersome to implement on a world-wide basis.

Olympic Rules

Visit by Andres Botero, IWSF President, and Graziano Tognala, IWSF Secretary General - comments about making the sport better, more spectator friendly - easier to understand, slicker, etc. We need to consider special Olympic Rules which can be different from normal. Specifically Trick course marking, louder horn, no fall bonus in tricks, non stop slalom, two boats, electronic scoreboards. Etc.

N.B. To aid in this, discussion boards will be created and input will be solicited from top skiers, coaches, and officials and other appropriate parties (IMG?).

A brief list of specific ideas for discussion:


Start tricks through a pair of gates

Loud sound after 20 seconds for spectators to hear the end

Non-stop – any fall is end of skiers’ turn

Instant results

2 boats


2 boats

non-stop (automatic line reel)

start at shorter line length

everyone starts at same length, no skipping

Entry Gates distinctive and different

Display line length in boat


2 boats

3 preliminary jumps – 2 in final

2 in final added


Skiers to wear country colors

One course up at a time, no extra buoys

Electronic scoreboard


Reducing the number of judges

Slalom video judging - found general agreement for an option to use 3 slalom judges and video on the towers. New rule will be written to allow this as an option.

It is possible to utilise only three judges in jump - the two event judges also doing measurement.

Not ready to accept three judges only for tricks - unless there are some serious changes to the video review rules.

Video Trick Timing

The auto trick timing of Boettcher is very successful and fast. In Pan Am they are doing a frame count and need to replay the tape after each skier which delays the scores. It was agreed this should become mandatory for the 2001 season for Record and over 10,000 7,000 points. Also it must be used at this World Championships. This is only for the last trick in time not to change a judgement decision on the last tricks.

Video Review

Review by video - Rule 15.15c states the Chief Judge can ask the judges to review in exceptional circumstances but not to change their judgement decision. Agreed to change the rule to give the Chief Judge the right to first review the video and may ask the event judges to look again in order to establish the right score.

Limitation on number of rounds -

Under World Ranking List Rules - the maximum number of rounds which can count for the rankings list or records is limited to 3 (except head to head) at any one competition - meaning consecutive days at the same site.

Also under 2.02 - and specify limitations for all but the World Championships.

Fixed basis Overall

EAME would like to see the 1000 points being used based on the overall tables - found no favour again. Review after our first Overall finals this coming Sunday.

Video jump test buoy

.Agreed to formalise the requirement for a buoy to be physically measured and via the video jump system. Bob will make changes to the dossier for this.

Ski Flying – non-elite skiers

The US Ski Flying novice competition is not official, not sanctioned by US Water Ski and should not happen.

N.B. Later information from Steve McDermeit, Executive Director of USAWS indicates that this event will be a test clinic, testing jump parameters like ramp height and angle.


Ski Flying

Belief that ski flying should be a very special event for the top few, not for the lesser skiers. There will be a number of events each year - question should we limit the number and if so, to how many - agreed a maximum of 5 or 6 per year in addition to the normal jump event, not replacing it. The cash prize must also be additional money.

Agreed to formalise and accept the rules written for the World Trophy. Bob would finalise these.

Minimum requirement is 60.8 metres (200 feet).

We should mandate the choices of boat path, the choices of speed. Peter would provide copy used in Canada which can form the base.

TC are willing to establish World records providing they are set according to the published rules. The current best performance will be declared the Official World Record and other bests will be recorded. World Records, if achieved, will be declared as official at the site on the authority of the Homologator and Chief Judge.

Overall should not include ski flying instead of jumping.

N.B. As an afterthought, I guess there should be a Ski Flying Ranking List

Speed in Women’s Jump

Women have requested a speed increase to 54 kph.

Both men and women have asked for an increase in time in the second box which means the speed wil definitely not be constant.

Overall with no Overall Finals

In the case where an overall finals is not scheduled separately, the overall scoring will be determined as it was in the past - with the best score of either round being used. In the case where an overall finals cannot be held due to weather - the rule will revert to cancellation and the results of the preliminary round only will count.

Athlete Issues

Many athlete issues still to discuss:-

N.B. I will add in discussion that followed the meeting and a determination, if made.

Trick timing – video timing required starting 2001, encouraged now (resolved)

Slalom entry gates Adopt proposal forwarded by Jeffry (resolved)

Jump speed increase Raise women jump to 54kph (resolved)

Ramp length out of water Extend chart to 6.8m (resolved)

Increase the length of the second box.

Constant speed or allow fluctuations Experimentation at Jack Travers’ ski school will result in further recommendations.

Clothing limitations, wings, webbed gear. Do we need to take a step into controlling this kind of development. Skiers I talked to did not see any problem with this – more input required.

12 in the finals – no team consideration (not resolved)


Stefan was pleased to propose Bob Corson as Chairman for the next two years. This was endorsed heartily by all the members and agreed unanimously.

Jeffrey's gates proposal -

Suggestion that anything outside the buoys is a no - anything on the buoy, over it, or inside it is OK. Would help to standardise our judging which is important.

World Games report

Ron reported on Akito the site for the World Games. A good site, nice new equipment all round.

Items/New Ideas discussed after the meeting – No decisions taken except as noted)

1. Judgment decision in tricks/Video Challenge

Differentiate judgment decision, i.e. was the trick performed

correctly and in time from identification of the trick. Allow a

skier/team rep challenge. They may ask the Chief Judge to review the

video to see if a trick was correctly identified. They must put up

SF250. If they are correct, the run will be rescored, if wrong,

forfeit money. Request may be made to review any skier, not just

the ones on the team.

Some examples that might be troublesome

skier writes T5B and is sloppy in execution. Judges split between

TO-TB and T5B. Not intended to review this situation.

Skier writes SLB and does not step over line and does a WB - all judges

give SLB - this is a good example

The key is to differentiate trick identification vs. judgment of


Maybe surface tricks should be excluded.

2. Ramp Angle chart - extend chart to 6.8m for all (APPROVED)

3. Record Policy - allow a record to be declared at the site. Then

the record application would only be a mechanism to reject the record.

The initial thought is that the panel would be extremely careful

to be sure everything was correct before submitting.

(I had a pretty negative reaction to this for the trick event due to

the feeling that the quality of trick judging was not up to the standard

of the skiing. I guess we could accept this and just use this procedure

for slalom and jump which are more definitive)

4. Olympic Rules discussion board - invite comment - top skiers

- judges - coaches

5. Video Trick Timer

Two judges - different Nationalities like video jump

6. Judges uniforms

Blue shorts - white shirt with collar

Tournament logo on breast pocket?

Advertising allowed? Boat name on sleeve?

7. With new gate definition, use 10cm dia cylinder 30cm out of

water - experiments needed.

8. Authority for rule testing - i.e. allow specific rule testing without

losing R or L status under discretion of TC Chairman (like all buoy

timing) with prior discussion with the TC.

9. Mandatory write down letters and changes in speed control

10. Video Challenge in slalom (ref item 1 above)

When using the new optional end gate video and three slalom judges, we

should also provide the same capability for video challenge using the

boat video. This was requested in the past by skiers and the US Pro

Tour and is used on the Pro Tour. Perhaps now is the time. It would be

similar to the trick challenge. SF250 must be put up. If the score is

changed then the money is returned.