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The 35+ Worlds is running now in Santiage, Chile on Lake Morros, one of the favorite lakes of Waterskiing. They have hosted many Championships and World Events, including the 2018 Pan Am Championships just last week.

World Championships Bullentin Ready

Agenda for the Pan Am Congress, November 15th, Santiago Chile

November 15, 2018
For the Congress of the Pan Am Confederation
Opening of the Congress by Chile Waterski Federation
1.      Attendance Records  (Sec. Gen)
2.      Allocation of Votes by Federation (Sec. Gen.)
3.      Approval of the Agenda
4.      Approval of the Minutes from the Congress in Mexico, 2016
5.      Report of the President
6.      Report of the Secretary General
7.      Reports from the [...]

7Sep18 Tournament Council modifies overall calculation for 35+ divisions in jumping

The tournament council modified the current jump formulas.
The formula used a 10m offset for all men’s divisions and a 7m offset for all women’s divisions. Since the distances get less in the older divisions, this gave a disproportionate number of points per meter to the older divisions.
Now each division will have its own offsets [...]

2018 Pan Am Championships slated for Santiago, Chile, November 12-18, 2018

First Bulletin to follow soon.

2016 Pan Am Championship Results

So many new records, incredible and amazing skiing by so many outstanding athletes! To see all the results please follow this for the juniors and seniors, or the the Open and U21 here.

Pan Am Waterski Rules/Policy

Here are the current rules/policy for Pan Am Water Ski events and Championships as prepared by the PanAm Tournament Council. Linked here!

Pan Am Water Ski Confederation

Welcome to the Pan American Water Ski Confederation!

The 2016 Pan Am Water Ski Championships
will be hosted in Boca Laguna, MEX on November 14-20.
The Latino Waterski Championships
will be hosted in the Dominican Republic October 4-9, 2016.
Recent Events:
The 2015 Pan American Games, featuring Waterski and Wakeboard competition will be in Toronto Canada, July 20-23, 2015. Results
The Pan [...]