International Water Ski Federation Executive Board

International Water Ski Federation Executive

The IWSF Executive Board consists of the President and the Secretary General who act as the Bureau, nine members who are elected from the three global regions of the IWSF (3 each) and the Chairmen of the IWSF Competition Councils. The Chairmen have no vote. The Executive Board meets once per year to ratify the decisions made by the Bureau and to decide on policy issues. The Bureau makes the day to day operational decisions of the IWSF.

Each of the three IWSF Regions (Pan American, Europe-Africa-Middle East, and Asia-Australiasian) elects three members to the board who are the Region President, Region Secretary General, and a third member.

IWSF Bureau

Executive Board

Pan American Region

European, African, and Middle Eastern Region (EAME)

Asian-Australasian Region

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