British WaterSki Tournament Gala

reported by Desmond Burke-Kennedy

On Saturday night, I was invited to host the British WaterSki Tournament Gala celebration in Nottingham, England. With almost 130 presentations to make, it made commentating at the World Championships feel like an easy task ! Over 300 athletes and guests attended the very ritzy black-tie event. A Champagne Reception, Strobe lights, dry ice, two Rock Bands, two giant Video screens and a gigantic sound system created spectacular atmosphere. Between the many meal courses, 25 British Record Certificates were awarded and over 100 Waterski League Winners received silver trophies. The highlight of the evening was the awarding of a special Lifetime Achievement Award to Andy Mapple, World Slalom Champion, World Cup Champion and co-holder of the World Slalom Record. This Waterford Crystal Trophy was presented to Andy by Alan Goggin, Chairman, and Gill Hill, of British WaterSki. Special Presentations were also made to John Battleday and Dr Philippa Roberts / Shedd MBE, in recognition of their performances as members of many successful British Waterski Teams. Deena Brush / Mapple was also presented with a bouquet as a special guest.

Des Burke-Kennedy, Andy Mapple, Alan Goggin

John Battleday, Dr Philippa Roberts MBE