This agreement for the resolution of pending doping control matters between Michael Scott Champion and the International Water Ski Federation (the "Agreement") is entered into this 24th day of March, 2000. The parties hereto covenant, contract and agree as follows:

  1. On September 13, 1998, United States water skier Michael Scott Champion (the "Athlete") gave a urine sample which was subsequently labelled as sample 1019620 as part of "in competition" doping control procedures at that Italian Masters Water Ski Tournament.

  2. Sample 1019620 was subsequently forwarded to the former International Olympic Committee Laboratory in Rome (The "Rome IOC Lab") for testing.

  3. On April 9, 1999, sample 1019620 was received for testing at the Deutsche Sporthochschule Institut Für Biochemie in Köln, Germany (the "Cologne IOC Lab").

  4. The International Water Ski Federation (the "IWSF") and the Athlete have not been able to obtain complete chain of custody documentation for sample 1019620 for the period of time that sample 1019620 was at the Rome IOC Lab.

  5. On April 26, 1999, the Cologne IOC Lab reported that the "A" sample, "with the code number 1019620 contains nandrolone-metabolites".

  6. Upon notification of the positive "A" sample result the Athlete was notified by the IWSF Medical Commission that the IWSF was imposing an immediate suspension upon the Athlete’s competition in IWSF events pending the outcome of testing of the "B" sample.

  7. The "B" sample was tested by the Cologne Lab on September 28, 1999, and the Athlete was subsequently notified that the "B" sample had confirmed the "A" sample result.

  8. Pursuant to the IWSF Anti-Doping Policy, the Athlete was given the opportunity to present evidence of extenuating circumstances to the IWSF.

  9. As a result of the IWSF adjudicatory process the following joint concerns of the IWSF and the Athlete were noted:

    a. The IWSF and the Athlete believe that delay between the taking of sample 1019620 and the initiation of, and completion of testing of that sample has adversely affected the Athlete’s ability to present the best evidence possible of the inadvertent cause of the positive test result.

    b. The IWSF and the Athlete believe that the delay present in this case is particularly significant when coupled with the large number of reported nandrolone positives in various sports- related doping control proceedings throughout the world over the last twenty-four (24) months, some of which have been linked to the ingestion of contaminated and/or improperly labelled dietary supplement products.

  10. As a result of the IWSF adjudicatory process the following mitigating circumstances pertaining to the Athlete were noted:

    a. The Athlete has never previously tested positive for any banned substance and has never been the subject of any disciplinary proceedings whatsoever related to any sport.

    b. The Athlete is known to be a model citizen with respected character and integrity.

    c. The Athlete has been, and continues to be, actively involved in civic and charitable activities in his community and to promote the honourable aspects of sport including sportsmanship, fair play and healthy lifestyles.

    d. The Athlete has been an earnest and unselfish contributor to the development of waterskiing. He has been and is expected to continue to be an elite international competitor and also contributes to the sport as a coach. He often coaches young athletes without compensation.

    e. The Athlete has been co-operative throughout the adjudicatory process and has handled himself maturely and professionally in all contacts with IWSF officials.

    f. The Athlete has steadfastly maintained that he did not knowingly ingest any prohibited substance and the members of the IWSF involved in the adjudicatory process have no reason to suspect the knowing use of any prohibited substance by the Athlete.

    g. The Athlete has expressed remorse for the possibility that inadvertent conduct on his part may have resulted in the accidental ingestion of nandrolone or nandrolone metabolites.

    h. The Athlete is thirty (30) years old and prior to his suspension was apparently at the peak of his competitive abilities.

    i. The suspension imposed upon the Athlete has already caused him the loss of significant competitive opportunities and great financial hardship as much of his income is dependant upon sponsorships and continued participation in the sport of waterskiing.


  11. The IWSF believes that a sanction is appropriate in this case in order to underscore the need for elite level athletes to be impeccably vigilant in avoiding any possibility of a doping offence.

  12. Consistent with applicable International Olympic Committee guidelines, the IWSF Anti-Doping Policy provides for suspensions in cases of

    (i) deliberate doping infractions , and

    (ii) inadvertent doping infractions.

  13. Under the circumstances of this case, the IWSF has determined that the exclusive penalty that will be imposed on the Athlete will be a twenty-one (21) month suspension from competition in IWSF sanctioned events, to conclude on June 1, 2000.

  14. The Athlete has agreed to accept the foregoing suspension without challenge or appeal based upon the terms set forth herein and has agreed to release and hold harmless the IOC Laboratories, the IWSF and any other related entity or employee thereof from any claim for damages, costs or expenses associated with the delay in forwarding the test results described above and/or in handling the urine sample described herein.

  15. The suspension set forth herein is exclusive and the IWSF will not seek to take from the Athlete any prizes, titles, points or standings awarded prior to the date of this Agreement. With the exception of the suspension described in paragraph 13 above, the IWSF will not, based on sample 1019620, impose any other sanction or penalty on the Athlete and will not restrict the Athlete from competing in any national and/or international competitions after June 1, 2000.

  16. Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as an admission by Michael Scott Champion of a deliberate violation of any doping policy, rule or regulation of any entity whatsoever.

  17. The person(s) signing this Agreement on behalf of the IWSF represent that they have full authority to sign on behalf of the IWSF and to bind the IWSF to this Agreement.


  18. The parties to this Agreement acknowledge that it is based upon the IWSF Anti-Doping Policy and upon the extenuating circumstances set forth herein.

  19. The parties explicitly reaffirm their commitment to the policies and spirit of the IWSF Anti-Doping Policy. By signing below the following parties indicate their agreement to be bound to the terms set forth in this Agreement:


By: Robert C. Morrow, Counsel for the IWSF Date: March 24, 2000


Michael Scott Champion Date: March 24, 2000

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