World Barefoot Champion David Small attended the launch of a new funding scheme for British athletes by the British Government called TASS. The launch was held in British Prime Minister Tony Blair's London residence and offices and was hosted by the British Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport - Tessa Jowell.

The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme is a new Government incentive for 17 - 23 year sportsmen and sportswomen who choose further/higher education and wish to continue with their chosen sport at the elite level. David is one of a select group of first athletes on the scheme.

The programme starts at the beginning of the next academic year in September and there are bursaries of 1,000 or scholarships of 3,000 available dependent on age and ability. These are paid through the colleges and universities to help with training, sports science and competition costs. British Water Ski hopes to have around 8 skiers on the programme in its first year.