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Serge Boute

IWSF: Andres Botero, Bob Corson, Romain Gillot, Gill Hill, Joy Morris, Aubrey Sheena, Sam Spano
FWSS: Jani Jokinen, Hannu Lauren,

Visit to World Games Site in Lahti, Finland, 7-8 June 1997

1. Introduction

During my visit to the World Games site in Lahti, Finland on 7 and 8 June 1997 I had very fruitful meetings with Hannu Lauren, Pasi Toriseva, Jani Jokinen from Finnish Water Ski Sports plus a number of other persons whom I met on the site.

I would like to thank all of them for their very warm welcome, not forgetting Hannu's wife, Marianne and all their lovely dogs.

I also briefly met Tuomo Sormunen and Tommi Lanki from World Games Lahti.

2. Communications

There have been a number of communication problems between FWSS and IWSF, each side complaining they do not get information from the other. Below is a list of contacts with some proposed rules for communications. We will organise a check of all e-mail communications as soon as possible.

2.1. Finnish Water Ski Sports (FWSS)

All e-mail communications should go to Hannu LAUREN and Jani JOKINEN. All fax communications should go to Hannu LAUREN and Pasi TORISEVA. They will re-circulate to the proper persons in Finland.

2.2. World Games Lahti (WGL) organisation

Not to be contacted directly. Go through FWSS.

2.3. International Water Ski Federation (IWSF)

All communications should at least go to Aubrey Sheena, Romain Gilot and Serge Boute. For specific matters, add other persons as follows:

2.3.1. General

2.3.2. Tournament

2.3.3. Barefoot

3. General

In Finland, I have found a number of persons who are willing to work hard for the success of this competition. However, two major risks have been identified:

4. Items common to barefoot and tournament

4.1. Information bulletin

According to FWSS, a lot of information has already been sent by WGL and by them to IWSF but it seems that it never arrived or that it was lost somewhere.

FWSS has agreed to produce urgently an information bulletin, which will include all information relevant to skiers and officials, but they would like to have an example of such a bulletin (Gill: could you send them something?).

4.2. Transport and accommodation

This is organised by WGL.

Airport of arrival should be Helsinki. Lahti is approximately 90km from the airport. Transport will be organised by WGL and it seems they will charge for this service.

Accommodation will be in a school. Two meals will be provided: breakfast and either lunch or dinner.

FWSS will provide details, including shuttle service to be organised.

4.3. Schedule

Presently, the situation is as follows:
Sat 2-Aug-97FWSS gets the site. Installations
Sun 3-Aug-97Installations, homologation
Mon 4-Aug-97Installations, homologation
Tue 5-Aug-97Homologation
Wed 6-Aug-97Training
Thu 7-Aug-97Training

Opening ceremony

Team Captain and jury meetings

Fri 8-Aug-97Tournament and barefoot competition

Demonstration disabled skiing

Sat 9-Aug-97Tournament and barefoot competition

Demonstration disabled skiing

Sun 10-Aug-97Tournament and barefoot competition

Demonstration disabled skiing and wakeboarding

Mon 11-Aug-97Reserve day

4.3.1. Training and reserve days

This schedule raises two basic questions.

  • The FWSS is prepared to have 2 days training which means we can offer training to all skiers in all events. For Tournament, training is not mandatory. For barefoot I have to idea if it is mandatory or even needed (Romain, Sam?). My opinion is that we should accept this offer for tournament. Who should make the final decision?
  • Monday 11-Aug-97 has been foreseen as a reserve day, i.e., competition will continue on Monday if, for any reason, it is not possible to finish it on Sunday. At first sight, this might appear as a good move but it will be very costly to implement. If we want to do this:
  • My opinion is that we should not accept to plan Monday 11­Aug­97 as a reserve day. Who should make the final decision?
  • 4.3.2. Schedule of events

    Fri 8-Aug-97 AM

    Fri 8-Aug-97 PM

    Barefoot Slalom 1st round

    Tournament Tricks 1st round

    Barefoot Slalom Final

    Tournament Tricks Final

    Sat 9-Aug-97 AM

    Sat 9-Aug-97 PM

    Tournament Slalom 1st round

    Barefoot Tricks 1st round

    Tournament Slalom Final

    Barefoot Tricks Final

    Sun 10-Aug-97 AM

    Sun 10-Aug-97 PM

    Barefoot Jump 1st round

    Tournament Jump 1st round

    Wakeboarding demo

    Barefoot Jump Final

    Tournament Jump Final

    I understand that it was planned to have television coverage all three afternoons. This would be a good reason to have this kind of schedule. However, this might have changed (see section on TV) and I would like to know if there were other reasons to have such an unusual schedule with preliminary rounds and finals the same day, event by event.

    FWSS told me that this schedule is based on what has been done during the previous World Games and they are not aware of another reason.

    If there is no other reason, I suggest that after checking what the TV arrangements are, Romain and myself re-do the whole schedule.

    4.3.3. Prize giving

    FWSS will check with WGL organisers what is foreseen (i.e., what? when? where?).

    Who will represent IWSF during official ceremonies?

    Are there IWSF medals foreseen for the skiers? For the officials? Who is bringing them?

    4.3.4. Arrival of the panel officials

    I have requested that the organisation be in charge of the officials as follows (I have discussed this for Tournament but I think this would also be suitable for barefoot, Romain to confirm):

    4.4. The lake

    The lake is approximately 2km long by 250m to 400m wide. The whole lake is well sheltered and dominant winds are blowing across the lake.

    The courses were not installed but their positions were clearly indicated on a map and some anchors were already in place so that it was possible to have an approximate idea of the boat path for the various events. There was a little backwash in all events and I believe we can avoid it by fine tuning the boat path and/or by adjusting the delays between passes. My main concern is that in spite of having only one boat on the lake, after a while the whole lake is "moving" and does not calm down.

    The original plans were to have one single starting dock on the side of the lake opposite the main judges' tower, in a line with the tournament slalom course, approximately 250m before the entrance gate. I have recommended moving the starting place for tournament tricks and jump in front of the judges' tower. We should even consider moving all events to that position. A final decision should be made after the trial competition in the beginning of July. There might be a problem of getting additional tents for changing rooms if we request two starting positions. FWSS will try to clarify this.

    4.5. Boats

    Boats will be from Mastercraft for barefoot and for tournament.

    I have indicated that I would like to have 2 identical boats for tournament and FWSS will check if it is possible to have a second 190 Prostar model 1997 from Mastercraft. I would like to have confirmation that having 2 identical boats is acceptable in spite of rule 10.01 e (Bob?). I would also like to know if the Barefoot 200 outboard is approved for tournament by the Tournament Council (Bob?).

    4.6. TV

    Apparently, there will be TV coverage during the competition (maybe life). FWSS has been in contact with TV and they have received a report, which is in Finnish. Pasi Toriseva will send English translation of this report to me as soon as possible.

    From a schedule point of view, it seems that TV expects to have finals all day long on Sunday.

    It seems that the TV person does not have a lot of experience in the sport (they would like to have 2 persons in the boat).

    I suggest that I contact the TV company as soon as I have the report to check what they want and what their constraints are. Arranging a meeting on Mon 7­Aug­97 might also be a good idea.

    4.7. Safety

    4.8. Opening and closing ceremonies

    The opening ceremony is planned on Thu 7­Aug­97. FWSS to provide information about this:

    The closing ceremony of the World Games will be on 17­Aug­97, i.e., it will be impossible for us to take part. Nothing else has been planned yet and FWSS will check with the WGL organisers if something will happen. I have indicated that skiers, team officials and panel officials usually get free entrance to the closing ceremony.

    4.9. Demonstrations

    Wakeboarding and disabled skiing demonstrations are foreseen.

    4.9.1. Wakeboarding

    There will be a 20 minutes wakeboarding demonstration on Sunday 10­Aug­97, probably around 14:00 with 5 skiers from Finland. This demonstration is organised by FWSS.

    4.9.2. Disabled skiing

    As far as disabled skiing is concerned, the plans are to have some top level EAME skiers who will ski as forerunners. Ideally:

    Accessibility on the site is not perfect but this will not be a problem with trained skiers. For the hotel, it is not a problem to get a room equipped for wheelchair.

    FWSS will check what can be provided by the organisation regarding travel and accommodation expenses.

    I will liase with Lill Fitzpatrick (President of the EAME disabled council) to organise this demonstration.

    4.10. Miscellaneous

    WGL has received a fax from Murray Eade (New Zealand) requesting information and announcing they are sending a team of 10. Joy can you clarify this?

    5. Items specific to tournament

    5.1. Rules

    What are the rules for the competition? Have they been published? Are they available? Are there overall titles? Team overall? What is the format of the competition? How many skiers in the final? Etc.

    5.2. Equipment

    This is for tournament but a lot can obviously be used for barefoot also. Bob, Sam, please state when you want to use the equipment below and make a special list for barefoot.