These minutes have been enhanced by adding in subsequent mail ballot decisions which finalized some issues that were left pending from the meeting or arose following the meeting which was held much earlier than usual due to the tournament location and date.  Enhancements shall be noted.


Bob Corson, Murray Eade, Ron Fergusson, Peter Person, Candido Moz, Ageliki Andriopoulou, Stefan Rauchenwald, Gill Hill, Larry Gisler (for Sunday only)

Observer Jim Grew, World Disabled Council Chairman

Apologies – Jeffry Armstrong,  Bruce Cockburn


As circulated by Bob plus one or two small additions. 


AAC had failed to get any specific site definition from the Athletes on this issue.  They continued in the concept that multiple ranking list performances should not be allowed from the same site.  

Related Discussion Items

·         Should we set a standard definition for competitions?

·         Should athletes ski in an event in which they are judging?

·         The Athletes asked for one score max from a site, and they did not mean a lake – but a site.

·         Site nearness limitation 1.5 kilometres.   Maximum of 4 rounds at the same site. 

·         There must be 3 days between the end of 4 rounds and before the start of the next 4 rounds.


Areas with more than one lake (connected or adjacent) shall be treated as one site with one unique site code regardless of ownership.  Different site codes can only be given to competition areas where the distance between the installations (the nearest points of the slalom, trick and jump courses) is greater than 1.5 km.  Site Codes are approved by the World TC.  The TC may consider exceptions to this rule.    AGREED.


For L & R Homologation purposes, a tournament or tournaments with an allowed maximum of 4 rounds (in each of slalom, tricks and jump) must be followed by 3 whole days before the next tournament can start at the same site code.  AGREED


The TC was  not in favour of Record capability competitions being held with a panel made up of all Open rated Elite skier judges. 

50% of the event Judges for an RC Open event must not be Open/Elite skiers.    AGREED.

(note: A definitive description of the specific class of skier-judges must be supplied but it is intended that current elite-open level skiers are not put in the position of judging each other)

So, in the Open division, for a panel of 5 judges, a maximum of 2 skier judges can be used and for a panel of 3 judges a maximum of 1 skier judge can be used.

Discussion on the qualification process for Elite athletes - they have to take a video exam and written test.    

This subject led to discussion about the conflict of interest rules which are not universally identically applied, and in some cases prevent the organisation of tournaments.   Some TC members want these rules removed, others want them strengthened.    Certainly the increased use of skier judges could be seen as a conflict and it was agreed that the AAC seek opinion from the Athletes. 

******Added Information******
After further review and the specific definition of what athletes were covered by this restriction, a final mail ballot was held which failed to approve the initially approved preliminary motion.  The proposed concept of restricting the number of Elite Skier judges on the panel is not accepted and this topic will be addressed further at our next meeting.


Concern that the 20cm under water rule is not always met.   Many ramps do not meet this requirement.   We should ask for this to be changed in the design to meet the rules – and then perhaps a bolt on part to correct it.     No change to rules, but they must be adhered to.

Bob will speak with Bemman ramps.   Until then a public notice should be issued advising sites to check their ramps and make sure they conform to the rules. 


Bruce had been asked to put this forward for reconsideration.  This allowed the coach to speak with the skier during his turn.  This could be advantageous to the skiers, so why not let them use it.   Agreed to allow communication by headsets between skiers and the shore. 


A request through AWSA to increase the speed for 45+ Women Jump to 51 kph was AGREED. 


The WTC were of the opinion that the coach should decide at what stage to move up the ramp height.   We are quite willing to find out the guideline distances, but who will make this decision?  At this stage no action, but Bob will ask the Development Commission if they have recommended anything. 

When Larry arrived he said he thinks this rule is needed and should be mandatory.  His suggestion was approximately 38m for women to move to 1.65m and 50m for men to move to 1.80m.   The TC agreed by majority vote that this would be a mandatory requirement.   The exact distances to be decided in conjunction with the Development Committee.   
******Added Information******
The final TC decision by mail ballot is that it is mandatory that to jump on a 1.65 ramp, a women skier must have a certified jump of 38m on a 1.5m ramp.  For a man to jump on a 1.80m ramp, he must have a certified performance of 48m on a 1.65m ramp.


Return to baseline issue for advanced skiers - problem from Japan - 2nd segment fast times when RTB is used for advanced skiers.  They are recreating the condition that led us to use the allowed acceleration because the boat can\'t back off enough to get a good time.  Discussion needed.

In truth they should not be using RTB for advanced skiers.  This is only for skiers who do not significantly load the boat on the way into the ramp. 

Agreed to just change the fast tolerance chart on the RTB.    Make the fast 2.42 and then knock off .10 from each fast time on the RTB chart. 
******Added Information******
After further discussion and a specific chart recommendation by USA Waterski, the TC adopted the recommended RTB 3rd segment chart

57           2.46        2.59        2.66
54           2.64        2.73        2.81
51           2.78        2.89        2.98
48           2.95        3.08        3.17
45           3.14        3.28        3.39
42           3.35        3.51        3.64
39           3.60        3.78        3.94

******Added Information******
Jump Reride Criteria

Based on discussions and what the desired effect is, two lines in the jump reride chart are revised

Seg 1

Seg 2

Seg 3


Protected Score




mandatory reride only if distance is

best distance in skiers turn-no increase in score allowed





mandatory reride only if distance is

best distance in skiers turn-no increase in score allowed



Tie rules - should be the same in all 3 events

Suggestion to apply the tie break rules to all three events.    The When a run off for first place is between more than two skiers, all the places equal to the number of skiers in the run off are decided by the run off with no reversion to the preliminary round score except that the preliminary round score would be used if two or more skiers are still tied for 2nd and 3rd places after the run off.

This would be added to 13.13 and 15.18.

******Added Information******
An issue arose about scoring final placement after multiple tie-breaks in slalom and if the results of the subsequent run-offs should be used for final placement instead of just the preliminary round when the contestants are still tied after a winner has been determined.  In the current rules, the issue is not specifically addressed, thus leaving it as a panel decision.  After discussion, it was determined by vote that tie-break results will not be used to further refine placement.  Only the preliminary round score and the final round score will be used for final placement for those skiers still tied.  This would mean for example if 3 skiers were tied for first place and a runoff was held and a winner determined, then there would be a first place and a tie for 2nd place for the other two skiers regardless of their placement in the run-off.

However, the TC is not satisfied that this is the correct final solution and further discussion and recommendations will be made for the next TC meeting.  The problem centers on slalom where skiers can just ski to the tie point and create multiple run-offs while it is felt that this is not the best way to decide the contest.


The decision already made via the issue list was re-tabled and was unanimously agreed with immediate effect.


The current list would be updated and republished.  The approved list of boats is effectively for World and Confederation Titled events.   Boats at L and R tournaments must conform to the rules of their National Federation and meet the requirements in the Rule Book. 

National Federations are allowed to make rules for the boats to be used in their country.  Old boats are OK provided they meet the rules.  Previous years approved boats are still valid as long as they meet the requirements in the rule book. 

For the new trick course, allow the organizer to set the course so that there is only one side the skier can go on.  This might be due to site configuration or safety reasons, or even marketing reasons.

The driver is meant to drive close to the buoy either side at the skier’s request.  The TC did not wish to alter this rule again.   If the driver is too far from the buoy he must be told to move closer.

Multi Round Overall scoring

Problem with overall scoring from multi round pick and choose competitions.  The USA had asked for a ruling on this.  Any type of multi round event could produce an overall score, BUT the scores for overall can only be taken from the same round in each event. 

Agreed.  An overall score can come from the same round in each event.   Eg Round 2 of Tricks, Round 2 of Slalom and Round 2 of Jump.   If the skier chooses to skip a round then he/she can have no overall result in that round. 

Continue 3 segment data collection?

It was agreed to continue to record all boat times. 

Equipment repair time

1 minutes on the dock, 3 minutes in the water.   Abuse of this rule is unsportsmanlike behaviour.

No change.

Overall seeding

If an overall skier does not have results in the current ranking list, we have a process to put them into the same series as other overall skiers, but then they will kick number 5 out.   Suggestion to ADD them to the series and not to displace another skier.   Agreed.

End Course Jump Video

How has this experiment gone?   We will have to review at the end of the year – because the major events are after this Worlds.

Duration of an homologation?

How long does the homologation for a competition last?  Different opinions –

If a competition is at the same site on subsequent weekends, the homologator can take a view not to totally start again if he is satisfied nothing has changed. 

The homologator MUST be at the competition, he cannot do his job and then leave. 

We will put together a good practice document and review it.

Judging Standards

Candido wishes to progress this universal standard of judging at top level. 

For the judges who use tape recorders – we will alter the times of the runs to allow it.

If Candido puts the video together, the trick record review committee will review the tapes and agree the standard which will be used to mark the exams.

In E&A you can only take the exam at the Seminar – but each Confederation can make their own programme. 

Skier instructions for boat path in jump

The TC saw no reasons to put more jump path details into the rule book.

Election of Chairman

Bob Corson was unanimously voted to continue as Chairman of the TC.

Close of meeting.