AWSA Survey Software We're just now releasing a revision to the AWSA Surveying Aids package, which incorporates some enhancements in the three-point survey reduction templates, plus one correction to a previous error in those same modules.

The enhancement deals with greater generalization of non-straight-line basepoint configurations, which will now accomodate ANY placement of Station B -- even across the lake from the course being surveyed. In fact, where an EDM is available to measure the distances between the basepoints, we're finding that placing Station B near the center of the shore across the lake from Stations A and C, will typically result in smaller sighting errors on the buoys at either extreme end of the course, due to the greater angle of intersection of the sighting lines in those areas, when compared to typical results obtained from placing Station B near the midpoint of the baseline between Stations A and C. A few moments sketching sighting triangle shapes with paper and pencil will illustrate the point, if you're having trouble visualizing this. The triangular configuration mentioned here effectively eliminates the long flat triangle shapes and thereby improves the precision of the resulting survey.

The correction deals with an error in reporting the baseline cross-sighting check value, which would only show up with basepoint configurations where Station B was not quite on the A-C line, yet was less than one degree off that line as seen from either Station A or C. Thanks to Mike Hamilton and Tim Robinson for identifying and pointing out this error.

The revised WSSURV32.EXE self-extracting archive is available on the Tech BBS at (847) 699-7041, plus I'm also sending a copy to Bob Corson for inclusion on the IWSF Web Site, and another copy to Greg DeTray for downloading from the AWSA BBS. Please pass the word to any other TC's in your respective areas who are not included in the address list on this message.