01Dec07 Water Skiing wins Canada's Olympic Contest

If Canadians had a choice, water skiing would be top pick for the next Olympic Games sport!
CALGARY, AB -- November 26, 2007 -- Canadians have decided that skiing isn?t just for the Olympic Winter Games as more than 30,000 voted online in Petro-Canada?s Dream Big Contest for water skiing as the sport they?d most like to see in a future Olympic Games.

Now, Calgary?s Annica Collombin -- who made a passionate pitch to become one of four finalists vying to elevate her sport to Olympic Games status -- has won the chance to present her case to the Canadian Olympic Committee,plus a trip for two to attend the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games in 2010.

?I?m very excited for Water Skiers everywhere! Petro-Canada is providing us with this amazing opportunity to get the attention of the Canadian Olympic Committee? Says Collombin, an athlete,coach and official with Calgary?s Predator Bay Water Ski Club, hosts of the World Water Ski Championships in 2009. ?Water Skiing has all the elements and proven international success to participate in the Olympic Dream?.

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