06Nov07 Water Skiing is a contender in Canada's Olympic Contest

Thanks to the enthusiasm of Annica Collombin of Calgary, aided by Tyra Collombin, Alexa Velcic, William Jacobson and folks at Predator Bay Water Ski Club, water skiing is on the short list of sports to be pitched for inclusion in the Olympics in a Petro-Canada contest. And all of us are the ones who will be called upon to vote!
Petro-Canada created the " I Will Dream Big" contest to give Canadians a chance to declare to the Canadian Olympic Committee what sport they feel should be elevated to Olympic Games status. Collombin's entry will be one of four finalists from around the country.

The contest began with an on-line entry of a 100 words or less on why one's favorite activity should be added to the Olympic Games program. Organizers drew 20 entries from four different cities: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. Each of the city's 20 entries then attended a public audition, where they were given two minutes to make their best pitch to a panel of three, which in Calgary included gold medal Olympian, Hayley Wickenheiser, a Paralympic athlete and a Petro-Canada representative.

And the water skiers made their splash! They dazzled the panel, TV cameras and live audience with a boat, ski gear, Olympic clothing, posters, balloons, flyers, and a passionate plea on why the sport deserves Olympic status, ending with a statement of fact -- "Let us in... we will win!".

Petro-Canada will post the video of each of the four Canadian finalists on their web page, beginning on Monday, November 5th, calling to the general public to then cast their vote for the best sport presentation. BONUS -- With each vote, you get entered in a draw for a chance to win $2,500 in free gas at Petro-Canada!

Mark your calendars! Voting begins on Monday, November 5th at www.iwilldreambig.ca. Your votes (and those of everyone you know!!) will make the final decision. Rally the water ski community, family and friends. The first-place winner will have the chance to pitch the idea to the Canadian Olympic Committee. Plus, they will receive a trip for two to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games with an approximate value of $15,000. Runners up will receive: 2nd Place: $5,000 in free gas from Petro-Canada , 3rd Place: $1,000 in free gas from Petro-Canada. Go Annica, go water skiing!

Voting Instructions for https://www.iwilldreambig.ca
* Click on CONTEST, which is in the upper right hand corner!!!!
* Click on Calgary video (top right corner, Tyra with jump skis)
* Watch 18seconds of our pitch. (for the entire pitch please read attachments above)
* Click on vote

Important ! You will receive an e-mail from noreply@iwilldreambig.ca.to verify.
You must click on the link for your vote to count.
Prizes are for Canadians, but everyone can vote.