21Jul11 IWWF Congress held in Dubna

Federation Delegates at the Congress

The IWWF held its biennial congress at the new high-tech Dubna Conference Center.
Delegates from 37 countries had their opportunity to participate in the IWWF decision making and choice of direction.
The Congress decided that a major effort should be undertaken to pursue the new opportunity of having Cable Wakeboard in the 2020 Olympics. A committee was named and will begin work immediately.
The Congress accepted the bid of Chile to hold the 2013 World Water Ski Championships in November 2013. The congress also accepted the bid by the Italian Water Ski Federation to host the 2013 World Disabled Championships and the 2015 World Water Ski Championships at Idroscalo in Milan.

The three confederation Vice-Presidents were elected:
Pan Am: Jim Grew USA
Asia Australiasia Oceania: Thomas Lin TPE
Europe and Africa: Silvio Falcioni ITA

Retiring EB Members

Retiring EB Members
Max Kirwan AUS, Franz Kuhn AUT and Ron Fergusson AUS, all long time Executive Board Members announced their retirements from the EB