10May11 IWWF Development Commission Seminar - Beirut, Lebanon

Seminar participants and instructors

The IWWF Development Commission continued its work to further the sport worldwide with its latest seminar in Beirut, hosted by the Lebanese Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation. The seminar also furthered the work of the Development Commission in the Europe and Africa Confederation where the strategy has been to support the inclusion of the sport in the Mediterranean Games. This strategy has been based on the organisation of seminars in Mediterranean countries and backed up with training programmes and events for skiers from this region so that they can then build up to compete at the quadrennial Mediterranean Games.

Over 40 attendees from seven countries came to the seminar which this time covered both coaching water skiing and wakeboarding as well as a separate judging seminar. The hard work of the Lebanese Federation and Beirut?s convenient location assured this excellent attendance and it was notable for the involvement of the Middle East coaches and judges with their keenness to progress the sport in their countries. The seminar was run by Development Commission members Jean Michel Cau and John Wood, with the judging seminar presented by Maureen Wright. IWWF President Kuno Ritschard was also in attendance and he presented the attendance diplomas at the seminar conclusion.

The Development Commission is now planning their next seminar in South East Asia, working with the AAO Confederation to organise and promote this. Details will be posted on this web site.