11Mar11 Moomba Sunshine Today For Slalom And Jump Round 1

Karina Nowlan AUS

Following a few days of cool damp weather, the hot sunshine and blue skies returned today to Melbourne's Yarra River. Round 1 of Slalom and Jump produced some really great performances and a few surprises. The Results are available at : http://www.moombamasters.com.au

Here are today's highlights ??

The Women kicked off with Series 2 and 1 Slalom this morning. Fifteen Skiers chased 12 places in the next Round. In Series 2, three Australian athletes dominated and all had scores on the 12m line. Top of the pile was Vanessa Leopold AUS with 4 Bouys, followed by Michale Briant AUS with 3 and Jacinta Carroll AUS with 2. In Series 1, in perfect conditions, only the last three cleared that 12m line. Anais Amade FRA was first with a score of 1.5 Buoys on the 11.25m line. Karen Truelove USA then tied with Anais - leaving Karina Nowlan AUS with the final challenge. She looks stronger than ever and really seems to enjoy life at the top. With a Personal Best score of 1 Buoy on the 10.25m line, expectations were high. Drama then entered the equation ! Karina cleared the 11.25m line and she probably started to celebrate right there. Then it was announced that in fact that 11.25m pass was on the 12m line ! Mistakes happen. So, back to the Melbourne City end for a repeat run. Karina rose to the occasion and locked in a score of 5 Buoys on a real 11.25m line to come out on top today. Congratulations to the top three, Karina Nowlan, Karen Truelove and Anais Amade.

Now it was time to focus on that Moomba Nautique Ramp ! Open Men came first. Thirteen athletes chased 12 places in the next Round. Australia's Tim Bradstreet has had an extraordinary past year and expectations were high from the home crowd. He did not disappoint. Coming third off the dock, his distance came in at 60.5m on the lower 1.65m Ramp. The following six Jumpers failed to beat this even though they were on the higher 1.80m Ramp. Guillermo Moreno de Carlos ESP broke that run with a great 63.4m to then take the lead. Ryan Dodd CAN came very close with 62.4m. This left World Record holder Freddy Krueger with the final challenge to take the lead from Guillermo. Jump 1 produced a distance of 59.3m. Was Freddy Krueger in trouble ! Silly question. His next distance was a new Moomba Course Record of 70.1m and the best distance of the day. Congratulations to the top three, Freddy Krueger, Guillermo Morena de Carlos and Ryan Dodd. The next Round will certainly be a cracker !

We finished the day with Round 1 of Women's Jump. Australia's 18 year-old Jacinta Carroll is known to her friends as Rabbit. Rabbits are also known to be great Jumpers and Jacinta got an ovation for her 50.4m distance on the lower 1.50m Ramp. The following five Jumpers could not beat this on the higher 1.65m Ramp ! Then it was the turn of Alex Lauretano USA - one of the most talented in the World right now. She landed a distance of 52.3m to take the lead from Australian Rabbit. Only Natalia Berdnikava BLR could get close to that with 50.3m. Congratulations to the top three today, Alex lauretano, Jacinta Carroll and Natalia Berdnikava.

Tomorrow is Saturday and we will start off with Tricks for Women.