21Nov10 International Hall of Fame Launches 2011 Selection Process

The next International Hall of Fame awards will be presented on Wednesday, July 20th 2011, in the Culture Centre in Dubna City, Russia, during the week of the next Waterski World Championships.

In each two-year period, a maximum of five individuals may be selected for inclusion in the International Hall of Fame. They may be Athletes or Officials.

The Selection Committee has nine members ? with three members representing each of the Confederations of EA, PanAm and AAO. At least six must vote in favor of the proposed candidate to be successful.


Des Burke-Kennedy ? Non-voting Chairman - Ireland

EA ? Gunther Ludwig ? Germany
EA ? Stefan Rauchenwald ? Austria
EA ? Chantal Amade-Escot ? France

PanAm ? Carole Lowe ? USA
PanAm ? George Athans ? CAN
PanAm - Edgardo Martin ? Argentina

AAO ? Ian Faulkner ? Australia
AAO - Murray Eade ? New Zealand
AAO ? Bruce Cockburn - Australia

For Athletes to be eligible for consideration, they must have competed in at least two World Championships and must have retired from Open competition for at least two additional World Championships. In voting for an Athlete, the primary considerations are performance record in the World Championships, US Masters, World Records achieved, Moomba Masters and general sportsmanship, character and integrity.

For Officials to be eligible for consideration, they must have made significant contributions to our sport at international level over a period of at least fifteen years. They need not be retired from our sport to be recognized.

Each of the three Confederation Committees checks the eligibility of the submissions received and their resumes. A Candidate or candidates agreed by them are then forwarded to the International Hall of Fame Chairman. When all of the details are received by the Chairman, he then carries out a ballot of all nine members till final agreement is reached.

It is intended to expand the nomination process, widen it?s scope and raise the profile of the event for the 2013 Award Ceremony. Full details will be announced later.

Des Burke-Kennedy
Chairman ? International Hall of Fame Committee
November 16th 2010