31Aug07 Highest Standards Ever In Worlds Prelims Today

Freddy Krueger flies over 70m

Today was the last day of Preliminary Rounds in the 2007 Waterski World Championships. The results achieved were the highest ever recorded in both Jump and Tricks. Yesterday?s Slalom was no different. This was truly a day to remember in Linz-Steyregg in Austria. All the results are available at www.iwsf.com by clicking here

The 07.30hrs start kicked off with Jump. Calm water, a light head breeze and some sunshine set a perfect scene for the Ladies. Anais Amade FRA was first. Her 48.3m distance forced all other nine Series 2 competitors to respond. Three did with distances of over 48m. Iryna Turets BLR 48.1, Karina Nowlan AUS 48.5m and Marie Vibpranietsova 49.8m. In Series 1 eight more exceeded 47m. and two exceeded 50m. The star performances came from Elena Thomsen SUI with 51m, Ageliki Andriououlou GRE with 52.1 and the new sensation Natalia Bernikova BLR with 52.4m. See results at www.iwsf.com. In Mens Jump, the standards were also the best ever. In Series 2 and 1, with 30 Skiers, 20 exceeded 60m. and six exceeded 65m. The really great performances came from these six. Scott Ellis USA 65.0, Ryan Fitts USA 66.2m, Jason Seels GBR 66.4m, Ryan Dodd CAN 66.6m. and then we had the duel which all hoped for with Jaret Llewellyn CAN versus Freddy Krueger USA once again. Krueger was first to start with a set of 65.6m, 70.3m and 69.5m. The crowd roared approval. Llewellyn responded with a set of 68.8m, 69.9m and 69.6m. The crowd roared again. On balance, Krueger won this round but all they have done is force us to want more in the Sunday Finals. Ladies Tricks came next. Anais Amade FRA started first and yet again set a high standard for all others with a score of 6720 points. With 19 Ladies, a total of 12 exceeded 6000 points. Clementine Lucine FRA scored 8510 to beat World Champion Mandy Nightingale USA?s score of 7620. Olga Pavlova BLR scored 7130 and Natalia Berdnikova 7470 to make it an outstanding Preliminary round.

In Mens Tricks, the standards reached were equally impressive. Eight had scores in the 9000 bracket, seven exceeded 10,000 and one exceeded 11,000. In other words, 16 exceeded 9000. In the last Worlds in China, it was 12. Those over 10,500 were Cory Pickos USA 105600, Jaret Llewellyn CAN 10560, Oleg Deviatovski BLR 10640, Aliaksei Zharnasek BLR 10670 and Nicolas LeForestier FRA 11960. LeForestier?s score was just 440 points short of a World Record. Today was a day to remember. The Saturday and Sunday Finals promise to be spectacular.