29Aug07 Day Two At Waterski World Championships

Christina DeMedrano ESP takes a tumble. She was OK and jumped again

Wednesday brought a weather test for Jumpers and Slalom Skiers. Thanks to good management and and a positive attitude, all Series scheduled for the day finished without a hitch and with some outstanding performances. It all started at 07.30hrs in what was correctly forecasted to be grey and damp weather conditions but with perfect water and virtually no wind. Mens Jump Series 3 and 4 came first. Twenty five Jumpers completed their time on the water before the final Jumpers, Britains Alexander Anthony and Martin Bartalsky (SVK), were forced to stop for heavy rain. In Series 4, Ricardas Lazhinskas (LAT) was second off the dock and out jumped all with a distance of 50.7m / 166ft. In Series 3, it was again the second Jumper who dominated. Francisco Miranda (CHI) scored a personal best distance of 60.2m and by the time the rain arrived he was way out in front. After the rain break, the two last jumpers had very impressive sets. Bartalsky scored 58.6m and Anthony 59.2m.

Next came Ladies Jump Series 4 and 3. The grey skies began to brighten. Three Ladies in Series 4 scored personal best distances - Cathryn Humphrey (AUS) Chelsea Scott (AUS) and Tiare Miranda (CHI). Miranda's score of 41m was the best of the group. In Series 3, Tanya Neibur (GBR) set a high standard from the start of 46.8m - another personal best score. Olga Pavlova (BLR) got a personal best of 42.2m. as did Japan's Saaya Hirosawa of 41.4m. World Trick Champion Mandy Nightingale scored an impressive 45.3m. Niebuhr finally held that lead with 46.8m and that may well be enough for a Finals place on Sunday morning.

As the afternoon darkened and the clouds looked ominous, twenty seven Man Slalom Skiers in Series 4 and 3 queued up on the dock. In Series 4, every one of the 12 Skiers had a PB on the 11.25m line. All these were within 2.5 buoys of eachother. Norways's Kristian Hvaara broke his country's national record with 3 buoys on the 11.25m line.The best scores came from Jacob Lonnstrom (SWE) and Guillermo Moreno De Carlos (ESP) with a tied 4 buoys on the 11.25. In Series 3, all had personal best scores on the 10.75m line. The spread between these of just 1.5 buoys highlights the degree of tough competition today. Ten of the fifteen Skiers achieved scores at 11.25m. However two performances really deserved acclaim and came out on top. Jaret Llewellyn (CAN) scored 5 buoys on the 11.25 and Joel Wing (AUS) got the performance of the day with 3 buoys on the 10.75m line. This may earn him a Finals place. We all headed back to the Marriott Courtyard Hotel at 18.30hrs for a well earned rest. Tomorrow will again be showery but the weekend is heading for warm sun. The Finals are getting closer.

Jimmy Siemers USA begins his overall battle at a disadvantage with 3.5@12.00m