16Nov09 Waterski & Wakeboard 2009 World Cup Overall Season Champions Presented With Crystal World Cup Trophies

Following the exciting conclusion of the 29th Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Stop in Putrajaya, Malaysia, on November 7/8, the seasons points won by the World's highest ranked athletes have now established the overall season winners in Slalom, Shortboard and Jump. Special Crystal World Cup Trophies were awarded to the winners at a lavish banquet staged in the Marine Centre at Putrajaya's impressive Watersports Complex. The 2009 World Cup Awards presentation was made by Tan Sri Samsudin Osman, President, Putrajaya Corporation, Datuk Abd Ghani Ahmad, Director of City Services Department in Putrajaya Corporation, and Kuno Ritschard, President, International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF).
This year, the battle between the highest ranked IWWF athletes for the World Cup season titles was as challenging as ever. In fact, only one athlete succeeded in retaining his 2008 World Cup season titles this time around,, Freddy Krueger USA in Jump. Krueger's extraordinary distance of 69.0m at the final 2009 World Cup Stop in Putrajaya, Malaysia, was the second longest distance ever recorded at a World Cup Stop. It also set a new Putrajaya World Cup Course Record and a Malaysian Allcomers Jump Record. In winning by a margin of 5.8m, this was the biggest margin ever recorded at a World Cup Stop. The actual distance of 69.0m was only ever exceeded by one athlete before and that was Jaret Llewellyn CAN in Dubna, Russia, in 2007.
The 2009 World Cup season delivered many spectacular moments. All were captured in the series of World Cup TV shows and TV News Edits which have been distributed to over 500 million viewers for each of the 29 World Cup Stops completed to date. Copies of these DVD's are available via the link on the World Cup Home Page at :

From the cheering in glorious sunshine of 30,000 spectators in Dubna, Russia, to the breathtaking Water & Fireworks displays in Liuzhou City in south west China, to the truly spectacular Putrajaya, Malaysia, competition site, the 2009 season has provided some of the very best TV and photographic moments of the past six years. Putrajaya, Malaysia, also provided extensive facilities for the most comprehensive Webcast programme to date. With eleven cameras, instant multi-angle slow-motion replays and a direct link to the outdoor Jumbo Screen at the Grandstand, the local and global audiences were treated to a unique view of every moment of this World Cup Stop. MasterCraft continued as the official boat sponsor for this sixth consecutive season. The 2009 World Cup series was truly one to remember.
The points details of the 2009 season winners in Slalom, Shortboard and Jump are as follows. Top awards went to athletes from Belarus, Denmark, France and USA. Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to announcing the 2010 Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup calendar in the near future.

2009 World Cup Men Slalom Points

1. Nick PARSONS USA - 480.00
2. Jodi FISHER USA - 383.95
3. Jean Baptiste FAISY FRA - 307.06
4. Aaron LARKIN NZL - 245.38

2009 World Cup Men Tricks Points

1. Aliaksei ZHARNASEK BLR - 735.88
2. Jimmy SIEMERS USA - 470.26
3. Herman BELIAKOU BLR - 460.38
4. Olivier FORTAMPS BEL - 413.87

2009 World Cup Men Jump Points

1. Freddy KRUEGER USA 763.00
2. Ryan DODD CAN 645.38
3. Jason SEELS GBR 538.65
4. Thomas ASHER GBR 492.75

2009 World Cup Women Slalom Points

1. Karen TRUELOVE USA - 320.00
2. Anais AMADE FRA - 255.97
3. Clementine LUCINE FRA - 204.70
4. April COBLE ELLER USA - 163.58

2009 World Cup Women Tricks Points

1. Marion AYNAUD FRA - 535.97
2. Mandy NIGHTINGALE USA - 474.70
3. Natalia BERDNIKOVA BLR - 255.97
4. Danyelle BENNETT USA - 240.72

2009 World Cup Women Jump Points

1. June FLADBORG DEN - 641.47
2. Marion MATHIEU FRA - 417.58
3. Iryna TURETS BLR - 325.89
4. Clementine LUCINE FRA - 320.00

CONTACT : Des Burke-Kennedy, Media Chairman, International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation