07Aug09 IWSF World Congress Completed Successfully In Calgary

Congress Delegates at the Delta South Hotel Calgary

As is the well established custom, the IWSF World Congress was held today in conjunction with the biennial World Waterski Championships. The Delta Calgary South Hotel Conference Room was packed to capacity and the excellent facilities helped all to enjoy the action packed Agenda. The Minutes will be published in due course but here are some of the highlights :

Following detailed research and discussion, a proposal to change the name of the International Water Ski Federation to the International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation was accepted

The affiliation of the following new Federations was welcomed : Monaco, Kuwait, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia ? and the Indonesia delegate was welcomed to Congress for the first time

Presentation to Alessandro Vanoi and Silvio Falcioni

Greater involvement in Multi-Sport Games is a priority for the future A special report on the success of the involvement of Waterski and Wakeboard in the Multi-Sport 2009 Mediterranean Games was presented by Mr Silvio Falcioni, President of the Italian Waterski Federation and Mr Alessandro Vanoi

Highlights of the success to date of the Waterski and Wakeboard World Cup series were presented by Des Burke-Kennedy

Presentation to Ting-Hsiang Lim and Christine Hui

A special presentation was made to Mr Ting-Hsiang Lim and Ms Christine Hui following the success of the Multi-Sport World Games in Kaohsiung Taiwan

Dubna Vice Mayor Nikolay Mafdes and Alexander Korol

A presentation of a bid to host the 2011 Waterski World Championships was made by the Vice Mayor of the City of Dubna, Russia, Mr Nikolay Mafdes and Mr Alexander Korol and the bid was accepted

Progress of the IWSF Four Year plan was reviewed

The next World Congress will be held in Dubna, Russia, during the World Waterski Championships in 2011