06Aug09 Calgary World Championships Features Many Surprises On Day Two

Rhoni Barton USA

The rain which caused concern yesterday has moved away from Calgary! While the skies were a little on the dark side today, skiing conditions were good and the timetable worked well. For some there was elation and for others there was heartbreak. Welcome to the world of Waterskiing!

Alex Lauretano USA

Kate Adriaensen BEL

Marion Mathieu FRA

As often happens with top level athletes, injuries also can change even the greatest plans. Tricks World Record Holder, Nicolas LeForestier FRA, has recovered remarkably well from his serious 2008 arm injury but a knee and hamstring strain is now of concern. Anais Amade FRA is battling with a dislocated bone in her shoulder area and Franc Desboyeau also of France is showing signs of wear and tear. Others are bound to arise in the coming days to make life difficult for the forecasters !

Today?s highlights were certainly in the Ladies Tricks and the early series of Men?s Slalom. The background Overall battle is already becoming interesting. The Open Ladies Tricks Preliminaries are complete and the 12 Finalists can relax ? just a little. The other 28 contestants will now become spectators of this event. It took a score of 6680 points to qualify. Last to succeed was the World Cup Star, Alex Lauretano USA, with that bubble score. There were some enormous surprises for several of our top Trickers. These were not of the welcome kind. The shock of the day was the early exit of the Overall World Record Holder, Regina Jaquess USA. This is also unwelcome news for the USA Team Scores. Regina?s 3820 points certainly do not reflect her enormous talent. Kate Adriaensen BEL, who took the World Games Overall Gold Medal in Kaohsiung Taiwan just a week ago and received congratulations from HRH King Albert 11, scored 6080 points and that 19th position was a great disappointment for her. Marion Aynaud FRA, the 19 year old 2007 World U21 Champion and gold medalist at the 2009 Putrajaya Malaysia World Cup Stop, could only take 15th place today with a score of 6510 points. The other surprises were the near misses of a Finals place by Brigitte Lethem FRA and Rhoni Barton Bishoff USA. On the positive side, Natalia Berdnikova BLR is certainly back to top form after her 2008 injury. Her very impressive 7880 points score could not be beaten today. World Overall Champion and World Tricks Record Holder, Clementine Lucine FRA, was in a close second place with 7790. With Whitney McClintock CAN in third place with 7680 points, the Overall Women?s battle now promises to be an enthralling one. Watch this closely.

The Men?s Slalom Series 8,7,6,5 and 4 are now complete. To this point, 48 Skiers have participated. The outstanding performance today came from the very strong Overall contender Javier Julio ARG. This World Cup star equaled his Personal Best score today of 3 buoys on the short 10.75m line. Not getting carried away, he stated that ? this is just chapter one of a three chapter book ? in his Overall challenge and much can yet happen in Tricks and Jump. Only one other Skier reached this rope length today and that was Jeremie Collot of Switzerland who fell three buoys behind the leader. Jimmy Siemers USA and Jaret Llewellyn CAN scored 2 buoys and 1.5 buoys on the 11.25m line. Both would have liked a bit more in their own Overall title campaign. Again, we will watch this battle very closely over the coming days.

Mens Tricks Series 5 and 4 are also complete with Jason Seels GBR on top after 20 contestants ? with a score of 7480 points. Mens Jump Series 5 and 4 are also complete after 18 contestants and Switzerland?s experienced Yannis Durisch holds the lead with a distance of 55.6m.

As soon as the last Skier returned to the dock, all immediately headed to downtown Calgary for the 2009 Waterski Hall of Fame Ceremony at the famous Flames Central Club with its enormous video screen walls.