17Jun09 Tournament Council Expands Individual Entry Qualifications for World Championships

The IWSF Tournament Council has decided to expand the entry qualifications for the World Championships to a 2 year basis since the Championships are held every two years. The principle is that the Ranking and Elite List Qualifications may be used from the preceding year, but discounted by 25%. This is the same qualification formula used for the World Cup. The longer time span for entry can account for an injury layoff period that might unfairly affect a skiers rating in the specific 1 year period previously allowed.

Here is the specific entry criteria table.

IWSF Ranking May20092008
Men Event (S,T,J)2015
Women Event (S,T,J)1511
Elite List7/3/20097/3/2008
Mens Slalom 14 10
Womens Slalom 107
Mens Jump129
Womens Jump 86
Mens Tricks 86
Womens Tricks86

Click on the number in the Elite Table to see the ranking as of the date shown. The 2009 list will be available on July 3, 2009
For the Ranking Lists go to www.iwsftournament.com