08May09 Tournament Council adopts World Championships Entry rule to compensate for pregnancy

The Tournament council will accept applications for individual entry into the World Championships from athletes who lost their high rankings due to a gap in performances because of a pregnancy.

Entry in to the Worlds for individuals is based on the 2008 rankings. Skiers who missed the 2008 season, but had high rankings in 2007 will be considered for entry.
The entry criteria will be on a 25% less basis similar to the World Cup previous year qualification formula.
Specifically, athletes who missed part or all of the 2008 season due to pregnancy and had the following rankings in 2007 may apply for entry:
May 2008 Ranking List
Women Slalom 12
Women Jump 12
Women Tricks 12
Women Overall 8

Elite List from July 3, 2008
Women Slalom 8
Women Jump 6
Women Tricks 6

Please send your request with documentation to: