07Apr09 IWSF Coaching Seminar held in Barcelona

The IWSF Development Commission (DC) held their latest Coaching Seminar in Barcelona last weekend for EAME coaches. The seminar was superbly organised by Domingo Ramos and Anthony LeChevalier of the Spanish Water Ski Federation and was attended by 34 coaches from 6 countries. The seminar was presented by Commission members Jean Michel Cau (FRA) and John Wood (GBR) and used a multi media format in two languages. For the 2nd time a delegation from Iran attended the seminar and there was also a strong representation from Sweden with further coaches from Norway, Belgium, Serbia, Slovakia and of course Spain. IWSF Vice President & EAME President Alain Amade also attended to address the coaches about the work of EAME and the importance of coaching within this as EAME continues to develop the sport.

This was the fourth seminar in the series to be held in a Mediterranean country as the IWSF DC continue their strategy to promote attendance at Regional Games, in this instance the Mediterranean Games. This has already proven successful with 10 countries now entered for the 2009 Games, to be held in Pescara (ITA) in July.