22Jan09 American Water Ski Educational Foundation inducts two new members in its Hall of Fame

The American Water Ski Educational Foundation?s 10-member Hall of Fame Selection Committee has announced that Lucky Lowe of Lake Alfred, Fla., and Lynn Novakofski of Winter Haven, Fla., will be the 2009 AWSEF Water Ski Hall of Fame inductees. The 27th annual induction ceremony will take place April 18, 2009 at the Lakeland Center, in Lakeland, Florida.

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Lowe?s long-list of accomplishments dates back to 1974, when he won the nationals boys overall title. He was the 1991 men?s world slalom champion and he was a silver medalist in men?s jumping at the 1985 and 1989 Water Ski World Championships. He also won the men?s slalom and jumping titles at the 1989 Pan American Water Ski Championships. Lowe competed in 14 Masters, his first in 1978, and held the course record of 191 feet from1985-1989. He was also a U.S. Water Ski Team member from 1979 through 1985. He has owned and operated the Lucky Lowe Ski School for the past two decades.

Novakofski, who received the AWSEF?s Award of Distinction in 2001, is a former show director at Cypress Gardens, where he was a skier from 1969 through 1991. He also served as show director at Sea World of California from 1995-2000. He was a member of the Min-Aqua Bats Water Ski Club from 1959-1966 and the Greater Miami Ski Club in 1968-1969. During his time as show director at Cypress Gardens, the skiers developed the four-tier pyramid, strap doubles, 360 swivel, freestyle jumping and other innovations. He estimates that during his water skiing career he went over the jump ramp well more than 100,000 times."

The purpose of the Water Ski Hall of Fame is to honor and perpetuate the names and accomplishments of skier, pioneers and officials whose dedication and competitive achievements at national and international levels have brought lasting fame to the sport of water skiing. Four categories of membership have been approved by the American Water Ski Educational Foundation's board of trustees: Competitive water skiers, including participants in traditional water skiing, barefoot skiing, ski racing and any other nationally competitive individual discipline recognized by the USA Water Ski and approved by the AWSEF board of trustees; water skiing pioneers; water skiing officials; and show skiing. For eligibility requirements and more information, visit the Guidelines for Hall of Fame nominations on this web site.

The American Water Ski Educational Foundation, parent organization of the Water Ski Hall of Fame and Museum, was founded in 1968 as a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of the traditions of one of America's most popular family.

More information as available can be found on the web site: waterskihalloffame.com