04Oct08 Final Day at the 2nd World University Championships

Individual Overall Winners
2.Storm Selsor

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Action-packed is an understatement ! Today combined the Finals of Mens Slalom, Ladies and Mens Tricks, Ladies and Mens Jump ? and of course the Team and Individual Overall results ? plus seven Prize Ceremonies.

Men Slalom

As the CorrectCraft Ski Nautique fired up for the challenging day ahead, the wind dropped for most of the day but it was chilly. In spite of this, almost all scores were better than in the Preliminaries. In Mens Slalom, with good water conditions, Adam Sedlmajer (CZE) who was third off the dock set the pace with 5 buoys on the 11.25m line / 38 off. He stayed in the lead till Cale Burdick (USA) who was second last off the dock, pushed it to 3 buoys on the 10.75m line / 39 off. The favorite for the title, Jean Baptiste Faisy (FRA), with a Personal Best of 4.5 buoys on the 10.25m line / 41 off, looked certain to beat Cale?s score. However, he went down with 5 buoys on the 11,25m line and had to settle for second with Adam Sedlmajer (CZE) in third. It was Cale Burdick?s day today.

Women Tricks

By the time the Ladies Tricks Final arrived, the side wind had picked up a little. With 12 Finalists, the 6000 point mark was not broken till Kate Adriaensen (BEL), today?s eighth skier, posted a score of 6790 points. Martina Zlatohlavkova (CZE) then raised this to 6890 points. Alex Lauretano (USA), who impressed all week, pushed this to 7360. This left Regina Jaquess (USA) with an open door to the gold medal as she can trick over 8000 points on a good day. Surprisingly, Regina had trouble on both her Hand and Toe pass and her score of 6680 points was not enough to make the podium this time. Gold went to Alex Lauretano, Silver to Martina Zlatohlavkova and Bronze to Kate Adriaensen.

Men Tricks

In the Mens Tricks Finals, Storm Selsor (USA) set a very high standard as the first off the dock with 8230 points. Only three others succeeded in breaking that 8000 barrier and unfortunately for Storm, all those three made it to the podium. He missed it by just 370 points. Matthew Gibson GBR) and Daniel Odvarko (CZE) had to wait for some time for their scores as they required a video review. For Daniel it was worth the wait as he took the Bronze Medal with 8660 points, with Tomlin Wilson (USA) taking Silver with 8800 points and the Gold going to that young wonder Tricker Herman Beliakou from CZE with a score of 9810 points.

Women Jump

When Ladies Jump arrived at 13.30hrs, that side wing was still there but was far less than in the Preliminaries. It also just so happened that the seeding from the previous round meant that the best three jumps of the day were actually achieved by the last three Jumpers. Nancy Chardin (FRA), the World Cup star, set the pace with a distance of 43.4m / 142ft, Regina Jaquess (USA) who seems to be almost unbeatable these days, raised the barrier to 46.6m / 153ft. That left Alex Lauretano (USA) with the lonely task of beating Regina for the title. She almost got there with 45.9m / 151ft. The title went to Regina Jaquess with Alex in second place and Nancy in third.

As the sky darkened and the chilly side wind still persisted, the 12 Mens Jump finalists entered the Dongli Lake Jump arena. All kinds of drama followed. China?s Zhenyi Shu scored an impressive 50.5m / 166ft but on his third attempt, had a spectacular crash which stopped the event till he managed to recover to full health quickly ! Jakub Rutkowski (POL) came next and had a frightening crash on his first jump. Following an all-out rescue exercise and medical checks, he was fine but decided wisely to retire. Storm Selsor (USA) was sixth off the dock and his 59.9m / 197ft distance was the best at that point. Canada?s Kevin Melnuk got close with an impressive 58.0m / 190ft and that looked like a possible podium performance behind Storm. Finally, Rodrigo Miranda (CHI), who had just recovered his lost Jump Skis, decided to stir up the closing moment. He passed on Jump 1, he passed on Jump 2 and the scoring system refused to produce distance three till the Judges performed some recovery miracles. As Rodrigo had no score on the board, this was a serious issue for him. The wait was rewarded, not just with a good score but with a winning distance of 60.0m ? 0.1m ahead of Storm Selsor. Storm and Kevin took second and third.

Czech Republic 2nd

USA 1st

France 3rd
The Team and Overall results were announced at the outstanding FISU World University Waterski Championships Party at Dongli Lake. They are detailed in the results section. With Brass Bands, exotic, traditional and street Dancers, dry ice, smoke, bubble machines and even the Hakka from Team New Zealand, all will return home with very happy memories of the superb event in Tianjin and the generosity of the hosts. Well done China.