02Oct08 Day 2 at the 2nd World University Championships

Dongli Lake - a unique water ski compretition venue

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The 2nd FISU World Waterski Championships continued today at Dongli Lake in Tianjin, China, in glorious sunshine and a slight cross breeze from the east. Chief Judge Jeff Smith (USA) gave the systems-go signal at 08.00hrs and the day finished ahead of schedule at 15.30hrs. The excellent management throughout and preparations by Phil Chase (USA) and China?s Waterski Federation, added to the enjoyment of all. The programme began with Men and Ladies Tricks ? Series 3, 2 and 1 ? and finished with Series 3 Men and Ladies Jump.

Herman Beliakou BLR

In Mens Tricks, the range of scores ran from 680 points all the way up to 8740. With 28 Skiers chasing just 12 Finals places, the competition was tough. Three athletes exceeded 8000 points to guarantee their places ? with Adam Sedlmajer (CZE) on top with that 8740 score, followed by Tomlin Wilson (USA) 8550, and Jevin Melnuk (CAN) 8060. After that, there was a real scramble for the other nine places. Petr Vesely (CZE) was next in line with 6770 but that has gone for a Judges video review at this time and has not been finalized. He will however be in the Finals also. The last two qualifiers tied with a score of 3820 and tonight, Rodrigo Miranda (CHI) and Storm Selsor (USA) are breathing a big sigh of relief. We will see both in the Finals.

Regina Jaquess USA

The top 12 of the 24 Ladies scores were impressive and ranged from 3580 points to 7550. The best certainly rose to the top. Following her outstanding performance yesterday in Slalom with the top score of the day, the past World Overall Champion Regina Jaquess (USA) did it yet again today with 7550 points. She has definitely conquered that earlier injury in style. Close behind was Alex Lauretano (USA) with 6870 points. This talented 20 year old 2007 US Slalom, Trick, Jump and Overall National Champion took 6th place yesterday in Slalom and impressed all on site. Martina Zlatohlavkova (CZE) was just 70 behind Lauretano today in 3rd place. Last in to the top 12 was Maria Franka Volk (GER) with 3580, in spite of an early fall which almost spoiled her day, but not quite !

In the warm afternoon sunshine on Dongli Lake, the Series 3 Jumpers ? 2 Men and 4 Ladies, brought the programme to a close. Here Japan excelled in both. In the Mens event, the best distance of 35.3m / 110ft came from Hamada Massaki and in the Ladies event, Shiori Yonezawa came out on top with 28.9m / 97ft.

Tomorrow, Friday, will see the first of the Finals ? with Mens Slalom commencing at 08.30hrs., followed by the Ladies at 11.30hrs. Both Award Ceremonies will also take place at the magnificent all-glass Dongli Lake building overlooking the FISU World Waterski Championships Starting Dock.