14Jan22 Joel Poland GBR aand Jacinta Carroll AUS named waterskiers of the Year

Jacinta is an easy choice for female skier of the year , the first 200 ft jump , moments like these are rare in our sport , a major barrier has been broken showing what can be done by the young ladies that follow behind her , unbeaten in every tournament she had the opportunity to attend. She makes winning in women’s jump look easy, not because the rest of the ladies are poor jumpers but because she is so good.

Joel Poland
World Overall Record Holder, Record set twice during the 2021 season
1st record with 2567.37 points (4.50@58/10.75-11350p-68.20m) set on April 29, during the Ski Fluid Classic.
2nd record with 2660.12 points (2.00@58/10.25-11620p-69.00m) set on October 14 during the World Champs.

World Championships placement:
Overall: 1st place
Tricks: 6th place
Jump: 2nd place

World Ranking positions:
Overall: 1st place
Tricks: 7th place
Jump: 5th place

The 2021 season for Joel has been an amazing one.
Joel is an incredible 3 event skier. He set the World Overall record in April, which was subsequently taken from him just before the Worlds by Dorien Llewellyn. In the first round of the Open Worlds, with three tremendous performances, he took the record back, increasing the previous one by almost 100 points. It is more than 20 years since a record has been set during the World Championships.
In addition, his style of skiing is evolving our sport in that he is continually inventing new tricks. In 2021 he invented the BFLSL5F (Back Flip Ski Line with 540° rotation Back to Front)