11Mar08 A tribute to the 2008 Moomba Masters

by Max Kirwan Vice-President Asian-Australasian region

I hope you were all as proud as I am to have been part of the team to produce the best International Moomba Masters in our history.

I say that because I cannot remember any other International Moomba Masters that had such climax and anti climax during the competition to claim a Moomba Title.

The best jump of the day Monday 10 March 2008 by Jaret Llewellyn accompanied by a family of swans will live in our memory for many a day as a tense and thrilling experience with a little bit of humour supplied by the swans

Then there was the trophy for the best Australian performance decided by our judges panel of eight which was narrowly won by Emma Sheers over a brilliant performance by Michele Briant Australia?s bright athlete who we look to gain medals at the World and Regional Championships of the future.

There were many other incidents to remember International Moomba Masters 2008 such as the run off for women?s slalom and of course the quality of Junior Moomba and Night Jump participants followed by a first class presentation from the VWSA Moomba Ski Show Team.

All together it was truly a great International Moomba Masters from all concerned.

Our management group which included VWSA President Darren Robertson and directors Grant Barnett and Neil Ritchie and of course Fran Hynes, our hard working secretary who seemed to be everywhere and Nicole Kirwan who toiled for nine months to cover to cover the countless number of jobs that go to make up the content of the International Moomba Masters competition.

We had our best media coverage for 25 years from Michelle Kelcey, which featured a front page trick shot in Australia?s largest daily newspaper which I classed as invaluable in publicity for the International Moomba Masters 2008.

I could proceed with superlatives in a number of areas such as our judges panel and their dedication to the success of the International Moomba Masters and its recognition as the world?s best competition, a claim made by many outside Australia and including the athletes and invited officials.

I will conclude by saying I am honoured to have been Chairman of the International Moomba Masters 2008 and to be able to say to all those who were involved that I did not make mention of, thank you, as a whole, for your part, in this magnificent International Moomba Masters 2008.