17Nov14 China & Korea Take Early Gold Medals at 4th Asian Beach Games In Phuket, Thailand 2014

Over 2,500 athletes participate in the 2014 Asian Beach Games

Over 2,500 of Asiaís best athletes converged on Phuket, Thailand for the start of the 4th Asian Beach Games. Running from November 14th to the 23rd, the event involves some 45 countries participating in a total of 26 sports.

Waterskiing has been included in two of the past three games in Muscat, Oman in 2010 and Haiyang, China, in 2012. The programme has expanded considerably this year with the inclusion of slalom and tricks, wakeboard and cable wakeboard and cable wakeskate - along with team events in the three disciplines. The individual medal competitions for men and women in cable wakeboard and cable wakeskate started on Sunday, November 16th, with four out of a total of 13 medals being presented at the end of the day.

ĎBig congratulations to China and Korea in taking the first Asian Beach Games Gold Medals. Here are the details.

It was an unusually early start for the cable wakeboard riders who assembled on the starting dock for the commencement of the cable wakeboard/wakeskate individual medals. First off the dock were the womenís cable wakeboard riders in two heats with Chinaís Duan Zhenkun, Srirasin Khamklom (THA) and Samantha Bermudez (PHI) progressing straight through to the finals along with Yun Heehyun (KOR), Panyapa Tangsirirat (THA) and Keiko Inoue (JPN) from Heat 2.

The 13 men were split into two heats in the menís cable wakeboard competition with Thomas Rossini Mackinthai (THA) throwing down the score to beat in Heat 1 of 85.67 in his first pass, and ultimately proceeding along with Angelo Linao (PHI) and Paul Cantos (PHI) straight to the finals. In Heat 2 the competition was much closer with Ken Tackmann (THA), Yun Sanghyun and Im Sanboth of Korea improving on their scores on their second rounds to progress to the finals. The remaining seven obtaining a second chance in the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ).

The womenís cable wakeskate competition saw seven competing for six slots in the finals with Susan Larsson (PHI) just topping out Tulip Tadtiam (THA) with their second passes with Tantanasom Chiaybood nibbling at their heals, while bronze medalist at the 2nd Asian Beach Games Muscat, Oman 2010, in Shannon Teng from Chinese Taipei was delighted to qualify directly to the finals in 4th place.

Two heats for the men saw Burid Detwilaisri (THA) and Techin Nakajima (THA) along with Jose Cembrano (PHI) and Yun Sanghyun (KOR) progress from their respective heats.

Last chance qualifiers followed to complete the finalists.

In the womenís cable wakeboard finals an impressive score of 78 in her first round saw the very talented and World Cup star Duan Zhenkun (CHN) set the benchmark whilst Yun Heeyun (KOR) improved on her second round score to relegate Srirasin Khamklom into 2nd place. Unable to be beaten Duan Zhenkunís final run turned into a victory lap, to much applause by her Chinese team mates. Gold for China will give great encouragement to her team for the future.

There were a number of surprises in the menís final with riders falling early or dropping handles. After an early fall in his first round Yun Sanghyun (KOR) relegated Ken Tackman (THA) into 4th place.

Meanwhile World Cup star Im San with an impressive technical first pass performance spoilt the party for the Thai team snatching victory over Mackinthai. With the gold medal already his, he left it to the very end of his final pass to attempt a trick finishing with a KGB 5 in front of the stands.

In womenís cable wakeskate Susan Larssonís (PHI) score of 80.67 put her into first place after the first round, with two Thai riders snapping at her heels. Tulip Tadtiam proved unable to improve on her first round score, and had to settle for bronze. Penultimate rider off the dock Tantanasorn Chaiyabood raised the bar again to 85, which, with her last run, Larsson was unable to beat, giving the Thai team another reason to celebrate.

In the menís cable wakeskate finals Burid Detwilaisri (THA) was leading the field after the first round.

Jose Cembrano (PHI) improved considerably on his first round score to capture bronze, while in the closest of scores Techin Nakajima (THA) improved on Cembranoís score with an 86.67 to win by the narrowest of margins over Cembranoís final round score of 86.

The awardsí ceremony proceeded for the wakeboard medals before the heavens opened resulting in the postponement of the wakeskate awards until the Tuesday 18th November in conjunction with the team awards.

Results : http://info2014.phuket2014.org/eng/zz/ZZS103A_PH2014WS@@@@@@@ENG.htm